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There is "Luck", and then there is "RNG Luck"

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Deadcell.9052


This RNG thing is what caused me to quit GW2 for the foreseeable future, haven’t logged on in over a month. I have over 3000 hrs played, 8 lvl 80’s, ran every dungeon more times than I can count on all of them, Fotm 30+, rank 93 in WvW, 23 in Spvp, needless to say I have played a ton over the last year! No pre-cursors, very very few exotics, T6 mats very minimal, never had a lodestone drop, my mystic clovers took 363 globs to get my 77. My cousin on the other hand had 3 precursor drops 10mins after hitting 80, hes had about 15 total so far and has only been playing for 3 months, lodestones and T6 mats galore everywhere he goes and just completed his second legendary last week and is well on his way to his 3rd with very little effort. So yeah not gonna lie I am a bit bitter and angry about this, thats why I quit, I put the work in and then some, I defeated some of the toughest content in game with multiple classes, I did the grind thing and got no where for my time and efforts due to bad RnG, I am simply just done with it, this game is not worth it. There is games that do the whole PvE grind thing better and in a much more fair way, many that relies more on skill than luck. I am a firm believer in that there is good accounts and bad, I sadly bought a bad one.