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Kiel Won - Deal with it

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Posted by: Denial Of Service.5732

Denial Of Service.5732

It may sound like a controversial thread, i did voted for Kiel but that doesnt mean i (or the huge majority of the voters) went "hurr hurr kitten kitten BOOBs1!1!1

It means WE as a majority selected what we tought would be the most fittest character to that position and thats what voting means, the majority selects a leader.

i can assure you people voted for kiel mainly because Evon looked to shady and corrupted, (sounded like every politician IRL).

i think the votes went because Lore not rewards lets get real you only voted for Evon because a fractal that gives you memory of gw1 not because Evon so stop acting kitten because Kiel won because people voted for Kiel because they LIKED her.