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Do you remember when the game is started and the areas had a lot of player? I want it back!

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I have a problem with this game. I love it, but I prefered the beta days, or the starting days of the game. Remember? Lot of people doing events, when an event has ended, the group stayed together.

What’s the situation now? Desolated areas. You see only 2-3 people doing hearts, but not the event. The events do not start, because no one starts it (no player to speak with NPCs) or not starts automatically, because the lack of players. This is a HUGE problem in PvE! Do you remember when you talked about dynamic events in PAX and such as events for the fans? “It will be the best part of the game” yea, but it’s “not exist anymore”. I have a solution for this problem. You should do the opposite of overflow server. “Underflow”.

There is a map. For instance Queensdale. 3 server is desolated in this map.
Server A has 3 players
Server B has 5 players
Server C has 9 players
“Close them” —> Make a new one with these 17 players. It would be cool! Think about it. And not recommends too much coding. Please, do something about desolated maps, it’s not fun! You heard me? NOT FUN! It’s against your philosophy! Thanks for your response!

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