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Another one of those undecided Newbies

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I’ll be more than happy to assist you in game =)
I can help you find the class that fits your playstyle.

Add me on Skype and keep in touch.

Skype name: DreamyAbaddon

GW2 Combat System 101 (Guide)

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Learn how to Specialize your Playstyle by making builds you want to play!

You can build your class to play anyway you want!
Think of Builds like as if you’re building a deck of cards in Magic The Gathering.

Building your class requires you to choose Skills, Traits, and Stats.
These 3 elements together creates a build which you play.

Note: You can only choose Traits after selecting what you want to specialize in. More on that later…

To unlock Skills & Traits you must spend [Hero Points].

Please go to:
[Hero Menu] —> [Training] --> [Skills] or [Specialization]

((Choosing Your Skills))
The 1st step you take when you start making your build is choosing your Core skills.
All Weapons & Utility Skills are 100% Useful. It’s how you use them that truly determines their usefulness. When choosing your Weapons & Utility skills, Ask yourself:

“Is this how I want to play? Do I have enough ways of dealing Damage/Control/Support? Do I enjoy using a Great-sword or Hammer? Can I use them both?”

Never look for Weapons based on “Damage” alone.
Always look for Weapons based on what Skill-sets it comes with.

Utility Skills are your slot skills from 6,7,8,9, and 0.

  • You can choose any combination of skills you like.

It’s vital to choose the skills that synergizes well for how you want to play your class. There are no best weapon and utility choices, only favorite playstyle choices!

((Choosing Your Specialization))
The 2nd step is to choose what to Specialize in.
By choosing what to specialize in, you can select Traits that will Enhance and Modify the way you play.

To access your Traits, go to: [Hero Menu] —> [Build] tab —> [Specialization]

Under [Specialization]:

  • There are 5 Specialization Rows to choose from.
  • You can only have 3 Rows active.

Choose the Specialization Rows that have the best Trait combinations available based on how you play with your Core Skills.

((Choosing your Stats))
Once you choose your Skills, and Traits that Specializes your playstyle , the next step is to choose the stats that best supplements your playstyle.

Depending on how you are playing with your Skills & Traits, choosing the right stats will be different for everyone.

Let’s say your playstyle as a Warrior involves you using a (Control) skill called “Fear me”.
This skill takes (Control) away from enemies around you by forcing them to flee.
Then you select a Specialization and choose a Trait that would Enhance your playstyle by (Supporting) you with a Heal, whenever you use the “Fear me” skill. In that case, the Stats that will suppliment your playstyle could be ((Healing Power Stat)) to increase the amount of healing you do and ((Condition Duration Stat)) to increase the “Flee” duration on your enemies whenever you use the “Fear Me” skill!

To choose stats that best supplements your playstyle, you need to first think about how you are playing.

((How Stats work:))

Power = Increase Direct DPS
Condition Damage = Increase damage per Condition
Condition Duration = Increase duration of Conditions
Vitality = Increase Health
Toughness = Reduces damage taken
Healing Power = Increased the amount you heal for.
Boon Duration = Increase the duration of Support/Buff skills.
Ferocity = Increases Critical Damage
Precision = Increase Critical hit chance

((Must Watch!!!)) [[For Visual Learners]]
This Video will give you an idea of how all 9 Professions play in Combat!

In Conclusion
GW2’s combat system is a fast paced, and action oriented game which allows you to customize your character’s playstyle in many different ways using Skill, Traits and Stat choices.

Step#1 – Choose Skills that Fits YOUR Playstyle
Step#2 – Choose Traits to Enhance YOUR Playstyle
Step#3 – Choose Stats that Supplements YOUR Playstyle


Now all you have to do is apply what you learned and see what kind of builds and playstyles you can make!

There are no best builds!
For every great build out there, there’s always going to be a great Counter Build just for it! So be prepared and be creative and most importantly, have fun !

NOTE: Combo Fields & Combo Finishers are NOT Included in this Guide!

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GW2 Combat System 101 (Guide)

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GW2’s Combat System is based on:

Every class must learn how to deal Damage while staying in Control and being able to Support themselves to stay self-efficient.

“Damage” is important for every class to help contribute in. It’s the very thing that helps you kill the enemy.

“Control” has many Factors. Every class has their own ways of staying in “Control” while in combat. There are 2 Basic primary ways of staying in “Control”:
[Movement] and [Dodge]

[Movement] alone can evade tons of attks, while [Dodge] can help you evade bigger attks, or even help you adjust your positioning while in combat.
Positioning is Key.

“What is Control?”
Control is when you take control of the Enemy.
Control is when you make it difficult for the enemy to attack you.

Control = Movement, Dodge, Stun, Daze, Chill, Cripple, Immobilize, Blind, Push, Pull, Knockdown, Knockback, BlowOut, Freeze, Weaken, Vulnerability, Evade, Break Stun, Teleport, Shrink, Stealth, Fear, Illusions, etc.

“What is Support?”
Support is when you support yourself by enhancing your combat abilities.
Support is when you use Heals, Boons, Blocks, or Condition Removals.

Support = Healing, Swiftness, Regen, Protect, Fury, Might, Vigor, Stability, Retaliation, Haste, Aegis, Revive, Condition Removals, Condition Conversions, Invulnrabality, Blocks, Endurance Refill, etc.

“What is Damage?”
There are 2 types of Damage.
Direct Damage & Condition Damage.

Direct Damage = Burst Damage
Condition Damage = Poison, Bleeding, Burns, Torment, Confusion etc.

That being said, this game is based on a Dynamic Combat System were skill rotations render useless. Every second the combat situation changes and you need to learn how to adapt to these changes by using skills you need, otherwise, you’ll just end up dead.

This Video Shows you how to apply Damage/Control/Support
during actual Combat! A nice breakdown on how each skills function

Team Play (Party Play)
Because all Classes are efficient and have their own ways of staying effective in Damage/Control/Support . You wont be looking for a specific Class you need to party with. Instead, you’ll be looking for good players who you can coordinate with as a Team.

In a 5 man Dungeon Party , you want to work as a team by
coordinating “Control” while “Supporting” each other and contributing in dealing “Damage”.

Keep this in mind:
Damage/Control/Support are NOT ROLES.

These are the 3 Basic Combat Mechanics based on GW2’s Combat System. The Combat system relies on these 3 mechanics for all classes.

This is to ensure every player who decides to play what ever class they enjoy, to be able to play effeciantly and effectivly in a 5 man Dungoen Party or Solo.

Because there are NO :
Tank Roles
Healer Roles
DPS Roles

The combat system drives for serious team play for these types of group Content.
In fact, it’s more challenging Now because of this, since you don’t have anyone to babysit you anymore.


You dont have a Babysitter to Heal you so you can Feel Safe spamming DPS skills.
You dont have a Babysitter to Tank for you so you can Feel Safe spamming DPS skills.

You are now responsible for yourself and for contributing in your team by
Coordinate “Control” while “Supporting” each other & contributing in dealing “Damage”.

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