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new building skill and player owned houses

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Duke Nukem.6783

so this is my idea for a new skill (1-500) for a skill that lets you build your own home. we need a skill like this because every skill in the game so far is very much the same just with different output, just stand still and craft over and over. this building skill will allow us to produce our own customized works of art and benefit from them with skills and buffs aswell as show off our acheivments with portraits and display cases for our weapons.. of course all building requiers materials and each thing you build will draw on resources you have gathered and bought in new ways, ensuring that old items get used more often and popular items have new uses.
HOW TO GET STARTED? the home npc
outside of every home instance will be a new building npc. they will sell basic supplies that cant be gotten anywhere else like all skill npc such as nails, room contracts (allow you to add another room) and more. this NPC will also toggle your house from public to private and visa versa (u cannot build while your house is in public) the most important feature of this NPC will be the social aspect, u can talk to them to join a friend’s house or join a random player’s house (u cannot enter a house that is in private mode) you can also pay for advertising which would bump your house way to the top of the random join quere and have big house parties!

this skill would also invovle alot of new exotic crafting materials like diamonds and marble blocks and stone blocks and a few new ascended for the 400 to 500 stuff such as ether nails and crystal blocks
the following is a list of concept ideas for different types of rooms and what would go in them please feel free to add your own suggestions
this is your standard connective room, its cheap to build and it comes in many shapes to suit whatever needs u have, corner, long or just a simple square ect ect. hallways would be filled with your bragging rights and decorative features, lets start with the floors first. CARPETSS strictly decorative, from lv 1 where you just stitch a few of those salvagable animal plets together to around level 50 or so where you start making them out of wool to intricate design patterns (maybe made with insignias?) around level 200 and gold trimmed gossamer carpets at 400, and at 500 a series of god carpets that display your affection for your diety. PICTURE FRAMES pictures need two things, a picture and a frame (duh) you comission the picture from a painter and you build the frame yourself, you can make varying levels of frames based on your level but the pictures require certain acheivments, for example you can get a picture frame of the loading screen for a map if you have 100% completed it. you can also comission an expensive portrait of yourself in your current armor! DISPLAY CASES this is where you show off your stuff and your wealth. display cases can have suits of armor and weapons but you cannot place a transmuted weapon in the case and there is no way to get it back even if you destroy the case. at higher levels you can build bigger cases where you can display an entire set of weapons (of the same skin set) you can also build display cases with luck to show off your 300 magic find and other cases to show off completing every jumping puzzle
this is where you eat food and lay out food for your guests, it also has a fire place and various sword/shield displays on the walls. the higher your level the bigger and longer you have the option of making this room till it eventually becomes a grand throne room. the throne is the most expensive thing in this room and can start off made of just wood and fabric like silk around level 250 (when a dining room first becomes a banquet hall) and to stone and gold around 350 and to gem encrusted marble by 450 and finally a glowing crystal masterpiece by 500.
full of books as you might expect, but also maps and orbital displays and star charts and a teleporter chamber. books shelves store knowledge of your adventures and random statistics about your character such as how many rare items you have gotten as drops, but building high level book shelves can produce a tome of knowledge generator which will leave you with tomes of knowledge on your bookshelves every once in a while. also a rare book focus skin and rolled up map as a sword can be found in them also (rare). maps show you where you can go and building larger more ornate maps will let you select teleport destinations for your teleport room (which can take you certain distances based on how advanced a teleporter you build (im thinking teleporters will be made with various wood at low levels then stone/crystal at high levels and at all levels require some ecto) your probaly thinking “why we have waypoints” but teleporters would have exclusive destinations that cant be reached from waypoint…..maybe even a new explorable area only available to high level builders? hmmmm?