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More skills more builds.

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I played GW1 since 2007 ( with serval pause i admit it )
I just loved having 200skills per class, and having the total control of my build creation. ( without speaking of the multi-class ability ). That gave a very huge pool of various possible builds, and different gameplay.
Personaly i never get bored a single second in GW1 because of that.

Actualy, i feel a bit frustrated with GW2, the class are not so satisfying to play with because everything is locked down. ( the GW2 stat / traits system / utility skills really dont offset this lost for me )
So the idea would be to add serval skills per weapons skill slot ( like 4-5 at least ), to be able to really create your own build like GW1 allowed to.

I would be curious to know who would like to have back a 100% control over his skill build management ?

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