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General ToN Feedback Thread

in Tower of Nightmares

Posted by: Eraizul.4375


As an 80, I found the instance kinda tough but interesting. When I tried using an alt and teaming up with some of my lower level friends (a Living Story of their level we can play together? Sweet..)
It was disheartening to find that the instance is solo AND level 80.
Seriously. An instance you’re automatically warped into, in a 15-25 zone that is level 80?
I realize the Living Story is End Gamey but that just seems a big middle finger to anyone lower level who wants to go into the area / give it a shot.
Yes, people are up-leveled to 80 but that does doesn’t put everyone on as even a footing as it should if, say, everyone was down-leveled to 25, the, you know, area level..
IF you put living story in lower level areas, DON’T screw over people who legitimately can/should be in that area.