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April Fools Speculations

in Battle for Lion’s Arch - Aftermath

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After a player uses a waypoint, they find out that all their money has gone missing. It isn’t until the 2nd, after all the grief and QQing on the forums, the players get a letter in the mail from Rata Sum with all their money returned. It turns out that there was a malfunction in the waypoint’s Transaction Relative to One’s Location, Level, and Exact Destination system…

…or T.R.O.L.L.E.D for short.

Dear Anet Writers: That was beautiful

in Lore

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I really enjoyed the story instance as well. It helped flesh out the characters a bit more, and we also got to see some of the characters interacting with each other as well. Which is always a plus.

The only flaw I had with it was how all the collected info about Scarlet was delivered. It kind of read like a bullet point, and I was just nodding along with the information, since we already knew most of it. Though, I’d imagine this was mostly for the people that weren’t keeping track of the lore. Which is understandable, so I don’t blame them for putting it there.

Though I would still love short stories in the style of the past – like Braham’s and Rox’s background stuff, or the last Halloween one. Things that happened before the game, and mentioned in the game (as the Braham and Rox ones were). Or things that the PC shouldn’t be present for, like Canach’s short story for Last Stand. Just so long as the events get mentioned in-game so you don’t have to go out of game to get the main points of the story.


They have been adding small bits of dialogue to the Pale Tree about Scarlet, possibly due to us nagging them about it, so we know it’s possible. It wouldn’t hurt them to do the same to other story related npcs. It would be nice to be able to read the short story, and then we could visit the npc in-game. There, they could give us an overview of what happened and possibly further information about it.