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Rate the Humans name above you

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Posted by: Freebah.7390


Quite simple just a mark out of 10 with a quick reason as to why.
Then leave your charecters name for others to rate.

My Human charecter is a Guardian who is called Pro Techtor

Thought it was quite whitty and a nice play on words

Stuck in inanimate objects

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Posted by: Freebah.7390


So today im running a quest in Kessex Hills

Bottom of map down where the fish / reptile mobs are , my mate gets downed , so as my guardian i use my teleport skill to get to the mob quicktime , next thing i know im now stuck inside of the graphic to a load of barrels, and i’m no longer able to move

Only way around this is to transport to a waypoint – i tried everything , apart from , using my blue teleport skill to get to the mobs , but i think i’d of just boucned off the inside graphic wall of the barrels.

Anyone else had a similar thing happen to them?

And would it be a big undertaking to stick invisible walls around such objects so i dont get stuck again in future? or do i just use the transport to waypoint option each time it happens?

If this is too much , mabye add an option in the ESC screen , where if your stuck you can press the button and it moves you to closest waypoint free of cost , but only able to do this once every 15-20 minutes to stop abuse of it and to move freely without it costing anything?

Thoughts people