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[Guide]World Vs. World, The Guardian, and You

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This is an overview guide to the Guardian for World vs. World. This guide will cover the variety of roles, different build types, and the gear required to play them. Keep in mind not every build will be mentioned. The amount of different builds are almost endless; this is just coming from my experience from thousands of hours in WvW and also on the Guardian profession. Let’s begin.

Why play a Guardian

“Guardians are devoted fighters who protect their allies and smite their enemies by drawing from the power of their virtues. True guardians are brilliant tacticians and selfless defenders who know when to sacrifice their own defenses to empower their allies to achieve victory.” –Anet

So why should you play Guardian? The Guardian does a number of things better than any other profession. The amount of support they bring is unrivaled, and they are also one of the most defensive professions you can play. However this doesn’t mean you have to play a defense support type role. Guardian also brings a huge amount of damage and burst with the right build. The Guardian is a very balanced and rewarding class if played right. So with that in mind let’s discuss the different roles you can play.

Different roles

Generally there are three type of roles that need to be fulfilled in World Vs. World. You have the frontline and commanders. You have the small group (aka Havoc Squads). Lastly you have the solo roamer.

Frontline/Commander- These are the Guardians that will be at the front of large scale combat (+25 players). They are highly resilient to all forms of damage, and also bring the much needed support. Also they bring a decent amount of damage and CC. However they don’t bring has much damage as a DPS guard nor do they bring as much utilities as a support type.

Small Group (Aka Havoc Squad) - These groups are generally between 2-10 players. They are highly specialized groups where each member fulfils a certain role. Because of this there are MANY different Guardian builds, and roles depending on your group’s composition. When I discuss the builds I’ll list a DPS, hybrid, and support build for this.

Solo Roamer- The solo roamer is just you! You are self-reliant and depending on your own skill as a player. Because of this you need to hit hard and move fast. You need to pick your fights wisely, and know when to disengage if need be. This can be the most rewarding, yet most frustrating role to play. Since Guardians excel more at group play.

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