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Injustice in Season 1

in WvW

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There shouldn’t be rewards. This is coverage wars. Rewarding a server because they have a higher WvW population is nonsensical in the extreme.

We wanted reduced spell effects

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

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At the risk of being “that guy,” I’ll bring up WoW. WoW has a setting to “reduce spell effects of players other than me.” Basically it does just that. My spell effects are big and shiny, everyone elses have like half the detail.

That’s what players wanted.

I definitely understand why ANet did what they did, but I think their system is just inherently more complex because of what it’s trying to do, and obviously has some flaws at the moment. I hope they fix it. I have very little hope they’ll back it out and replace it with the “what players wanted” approach though.

ANet has an interesting history of taking player complaints and desires and transmogrifying them into…something else. WvW matchup system, I’m looking at you. :-P