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Legendaries are "confusing"

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: High Lord Orion.9647

High Lord Orion.9647

As a person who has created three legendaries, I have always been highly confused as to how these things actually work.

Mystic Forge: This is so confusing. I keep getting different stuff for putting the same stuff in. It doesn’t make any sense! The UI should be simplified so I only have to click once to throw them in together. What if I want to make a gift of might by putting Vicious Fangs in the upper right, Vicious Claws in the upper left, Armored Scales lower left, and Ancient Bones lower right? What if I mix them? Flip them around? There should be a concrete order, because it confuses me.

Materials: The sheer number of materials needed is confusing. I should be allowed to buy one item and throw it in to the already confusing Mystic Forge. Big numbers are hard and they should be simplified.

Karma: I don’t know what this stuff is, it confuses me. Why is it purple and triangle-shaped? How does the system work? Is it a blob of magic that surrounds my character, so their good deeds can earn items? This also has big numbers. Big numbers are bad and should be made smaller because it is so hard for me to comprehend.

Icy Runestones: These are the only things that aren’t confusing! I can buy ten at once. The number is still very big for me and I should be allowed to buy them all at once because too much effort is hard.

Overall I highly support the new business model for the gem store. When I was in high school math was my hardest subject because big numbers hard. Math gave me PTSD and Anet is trying to show support for all of the traumatized children in the world.