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Thank you Anet for listening.

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Posted by: Jaric.5679


Yes, there has been a lot of noise about the new Flamekissed armour. A forum explosion, if you will. People wanting answers, naturally. Forum mods have probably been earning overtime – if they were getting paid – dealing with many repeat threads breaking forum rules.

However, Anet have listened, and responded.

People may feel this was not in a timely manner, but let’s take things in perspective. Anet is a company. There are many people that work there, and they would need to discuss and agree upon a solution to the problem at hand. It isn’t up to just one person.

Anet might be doing some things wrong still in many opinions (coughScarletcough) but actions such as this, as well as listening about different colour borders for item rarities in your inventory show they do listen to the community.

So, thanks Anet for listening. We know it can be hard, but while there are things we think you are doing wrong, you are also doing a lot right which doesn’t get mentioned nearly as often.