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Its the SMELL!

in Necromancer

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Does anyone know if there’s any lore in game regarding probably THE main problem of being a Necro?

If you watch shows like Bones (my wife and I do, its a good show) then one of the things they go in depth about is the smell and overall gooeyness of dead humans.

I would have liked to see Necromancers in game perhaps have their own separate areas of each city, as perhaps a courtesy to others who don’t share their ability to ignore the physical downsides of their profession. Of course, it would have been nice for each profession to have an exclusive area, such as a Warrior’s Hall, a Mesmer’s Globe Theatre, an Engineer’s Workshop/Lab etc. where professions could congregate, but it seems that in the Necromancer’s case such would be almost necessary.

After all, can you imagine what a Charr Necromancer must smell like after years of summoning undead creatures? It would get into their fur and to be able to be around others within a hundred yards a Charr would have to shave itself pretty regularly.

Please Explain the Logic of the AoE Limit

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

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I main an Ele, so lets get that right out of the way. I also enjoy WvWvW, and I do prefer a staff for that arena, unless I’m trying to mimic Excala.

The question on my mind is the zerg. You see these roving gangs, sometimes upwards of 50 or even more players mowing down everything in their path like a swarm of locusts. No tactics, no strategy, just herd mentality trampling everything underfoot.

My theory on this behavior is twofold, first most people are tunnel vision idjits who get too focused and don’t maintain situational awareness. Second, the AoE penalty of a 5 target maximum causes zergs to not be afraid. They know that the majority of incoming damage that hits their zerg will only affect a small fraction of the party, which can easily be rezzed when the threat is taken care of. This prohibits actual tactics like flanking, pincer movements etc. from ever happening and ensures that WvWvW is simply PvE with dumber AI.

If a group or zerg knew that a couple of Eles on a ridge posed a serious threat, they’d make tactics to adjust, such as carrying anti-projectile skills, having scouts and outriders scour for AoE threats, etc. Basically, remove the AoE limit, allow AoE to hit as many idjits as want to stand in the red circles, and make Staff for a lot of the professions much more viable. On Ele specifically, most of the staff skills need to have shorter cast times, as its too easy for a Staff Ele to get overwhelmed. Changes to gap closer/creator skills on Staff might be nice as well, but I think intelligent play, positioning, and situational awareness are the key factors of skillful play.

But as it stands now, having an AoE limit just makes non-D/D roamers a joke. For non-Eles, their AoE skills also suffer rather ridiculously, such as Necro wells and Ranger’s Barrage. Please ANet don’t let the GW2 Ele follow the GW1 Ele, I don’t want to have to play the equivalent of an ER Infuser build as my only viable option.