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Tyrian Explorer's Knapsack

in Black Lion Trading Co

Posted by: Knaifhogg.5964


Alright, who is in charge? This is just insulting. It’s cheaper to get everything individually.

The Top Hat is 200 gems. Hairstyle kit is 250 gems. Zephyrite Color Swatch is basically available on the GW2 wiki (it’s a completely useless item). 5 Metabolic Primers are 550 gems. 6 Transmutation charges isn’t directly available, but let’s say 175 gems.

That’s 1175 gems.

There’s still the 5 utility primers that aren’t available anywhere else. Let’s say you wanted everything in this pack (doubt it) so you have 475 gems left to do whatever you want with. Well exchange it to 45 gold. Heck, treat yourself with Toxic Focusing Crystals for some reason (at 29 silver each). Congratulations, you’ve got 78 hours worth of buffs, which is more than 5 utility primers give you.

The people handling this section of the game must never had a treat in their lives. “Let’s have them pay extra because we put this together”. It’s supposed to be a bundle. How about you make it cheaper so people can’t possibly pass it up. Ever heard of Steam sales?