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Since I'm dead, I'd like to enjoy da show!

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Dear Anet,

Since I’m dead, and my party is still fighting the good fight to save Tyria…could I please, I mean PRETTY please not have to deal with the ‘Rotating Camera of Death’!?

Especially since you’ve decided to make it so that we (dead ppl) can’t WP when others are in combat. We don’t want to feel like we’re completely useless by looking at our dead bodies for however long it takes to allow others to exit combat.

I’d much rather the camera remains free for us to ‘point’ and then stay in that position until we move it again.

Pretty please. Thanks for reading and please +1 if you agree.

Thank you for your consideration.

Landscaper, Cuz I mow ’em down!

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Need help getting my legendary

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Going for a legendary is a serious commitment to a very serious gold sink. Even if they nerf the cost of a precursor weapon, you’re still looking at spending a pile of gold and time. My first but of advice to you is to plan your ‘attack’. Here’s my first piece of advice:

Open up your MS word, now copy the requirement (list) of your choice weapon found at:

Now search the TP for the items/mats that you will need and enter the prices onto your ‘shopping list’. Now calculate the cost of gold you’ll need for each section, and then calculate your grand total.

Once you pick yourself up off of the floor, you can then determine what area you want to work on first. I personally did the clovers first.

Good luck, remember to take breaks and try to have fun!

Landscaper, Cuz I mow ’em down!