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The state of tier 1 NA

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Posted by: Le Rooster.8715

Le Rooster.8715

Hey guys i’m Rooster, some of you may know me on this forums for some of my subtle trolls, some by my score updates but i am here to discuss a pressing issue that is emerging in tier 1 NA. This is not about the current score or the domination of Jade Quarry but rather the antagonization and unhealthy propaganda that is going on to purposely destroy other tier 1 servers communities.

Currently the amount of trolling, personal abuse and antogonization that is going on behind the scenes in the current tier 1 community is redicilous and appalling, never have i ever in my video game history witnessed such desperate attempts to bring down A server through such horrible propaganda.

I will start with my current server Sea of Sorrows, or some may internally refer to ourselves as #SeaofSwag. Currently the situation is not great we lost two guilds and are attempting to rebuild our community, however the negative propaganda from certain sites and individuals is making this extremely difficult. I will refer to an exhert from the community site Guild wars 2 junkies which spreads random false rumors about guilds leaving.

" most of it centers around the drama caused by Tsym (who apparently is planning to stay on SoS) and privately is throwing quite the hissy fit about these guilds departure."

now in a later post

“*Reset night in T1 is starting out with some interesting news; in short the Sea of Sorrows (SoS) drama continues to unfold.

As they prepare to enter reset, they are currently involved in heated internal fights. Multiple sources have confirmed that the catalyst for the internal fighting today is TSYM GM, name of GM*. " However more despicable is this post included screenshots of Sea of Sorrows private chatbox which the site may have recieved intel from, which is considered spying.

Now the problem with posts such as this one is they specifically antagonize certain guilds and individuals as the root of the problem. this puts unnescsary pressure on the guild and an immense and unhealthy amount of pressure on the individual which i will say has done alot for the sea of sorrows community. Now the site didn’t mention why the outburst occured, it just focused on the outburst its self.

That is just one example of many of negative propaganda in attempts to implode a server which in my opinion is disgusting.

Now i will move onto Jade Quarry, upon post of this thread i had consulted with a prominant Jade Quarry GM about the issue and he had told me that the issue was affecting his guild aswell, where he explains that certain unknown individuals had made personal attempt at undermining the guild with personal attacks which put a financial strain within the guild due to resources on repairing the damage done.

So the current situation in tier 1 NA is horrible, the community and lack of sportsman ship is redicilous and when i heard of notable guilds being attacked personally and my server being repeatedly bombarded with propaganda which causes a rift and strain within the community about who’s next to leave it’s not healthy.

My solution lets leave this way of recruitment, the battle should be fought in the battlefield not through gossip i honestly don’t understand why some individuals would stoop so low just to bring down certain servers and attempt to create negative rifts within communities which affects personal life especially in the case of the Jade Quarry guild where the actions of some caused them to throw real life money and resources for them to repair it.
Lets all just have some fun, don’t worry about the score stop trying to undermine servers and stop spreading unnescssary rumors and gossip

Thank you.

Roosters Inc-Team Shatter [TS] Commander
Sea of Sorrows

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