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Tangled Depths maps closing with no warning

in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

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This is a very common occurrence with Tangled Depths – we usually gather way before the event begins so that we can get as many people from our community into the map as possible, even though that means we literally have nothing to do on the map for half an hour – but it’s better than leaving half of our members out (which is also a badly designed feature in itself but that’s a whole different story).

So we get everyone into the map, about 60 people, we split up into groups, begin explaining the intricacies of the event, and then the map suddenly closes. No warning, there was no message that the map is closing nor any volunteer popup.

And of course, instead of being transferred to the same map, we are scattered across 5 different maps, all full now, so we can’t actually do anything – some people are even stuck on BRAND NEW maps with Tier 1 and nothing completed.

This looks like it clearly isn’t meant to happen, so maybe ArenaNet doesn’t even know that it does.

Please look into this o.o

EDIT: we had this issue with other maps in the past as well, but only once a month or so. With TD it seems like it happens several times a week.

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