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How to Find the Right Guild for You.

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Pretty Pixie.8603

Hi peeps,

I’m Pix, I’m Co-GL and primary recruiter for The Society. I have 4+ years experience as a guild recruiter, both in GW2 and another MMO.

Finding a good guild can be a difficult and bewildering affair, and I hope to give players a handle on how to attract the right guild for them, as seen through the eyes of a recruiter.

How to compose your topic:

Topic Title
Your topic title should display all neccessary info for a recruiter. Yes, we’re aware you’re looking for a guild; What we are interested in are your interests (PvE/WvW/PvP/PvX), your timezone, your investment (casual, semi-hardcore, hardcore) and which server you are on. All of these should be contained in the topic title.

For example:
“LFGuild on Borlis Pass (PvX, casual player, OCX)”
“Lf hardcore euro WvW guild on Blackgate”

This will tell a recruiter immediately whether you fit the bill. You are then more likely to be targetted by recruiters for the sort of guild you are looking for, instead of getting a generic cut-and-paste response.

Message Body

Give us additional information you think is relevant. Is it just you, or are you looking for your friends too? What do you expect from a guild? What is it you’re interested in in detail? Are you willing to switch servers? Are you willing to use VOIP? etc, etc.

Do your homework
Most servers have community forums. A quick google search of [server name]+forums will yield results for the server relevant to you.

There’s some other external resources to find Guilds: Credit to Guardian of Angels.9867 Credit to fizzypetal.7936

You want to make sure you look for a guild on your server if you are even the slightest bit interested in WvW. If you are on a Euro server, you want a guild on a euro server, same for NA. This is due to restrictions between NA/Euro servers. You’d only be able to participate in chat if your guild’s server is NA and you’re on a euro one, and vice versa.

Check out the guild’s forum if they have any. You can get an idea for how active they are, general atmosphere, how often they do guild events, etc. That doesn’t mean a small guild without a forum is bad; it’s about making sure the guild matches your expectations. Otherwise you probably won’t stick around, and the guild loses a member. Not good for anyone! If they don’t have a forum, chat with the recruiter to get a feel for the guild. It’s ok to ask questions!

LFG – Looking for Guild/group
PvE – Player vs Environment; includes all non pvp content.
WvW – World vs World; serverbased realm vs realm mode. Large scale pvp.
PvP – player vs player, competitive and balanced pvp mode.
BG – Blackgate server
TC – Tarnished Coast server
JQ – Jade Quarry server
YB – Yak’s Bend server
SoS – Sea of Sorrows server
FA – Fort Aspenwood server
DB – Dragonbrand server
SBI – Stormbluff Isle server
DR – Devona’s Rest server
IoJ – Isle of Janthir server
Mag – Maguuma server
NSP – Northern Shiverpeaks server
CD – Crystal Desert server
HoD – Henge of Denravi server
BP – Borlis Pass server
GoM – Gates of Madness server
Ebay – Ehmry Bay server
DH – Darkhaven server
ET – Eredon Terrace server
SF – Sorrow’s Furnace server
SOR – Sactum of Rall server
FC – Ferguson’s Crossing server
KN – Kaineng server
AR – Anvil Rock server

Hope this will help both recruiters and players out.


Relentless Inquisition [PAIN] – FA

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