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Suggestion: Give core revenant facets

in Revenant

Posted by: Prominence.1693


After playing with the Renegade spec during the demo weekend and experiencing the steep energy costs of most of its skills it only made me realize how lacking the class felt without the Herald spec and its facets. While Renegade is an interesting spec, I missed having an upkeep skill active without it quickly depleting my energy. I believe that some of the Herald’s playstyle could be incorporated into the core revenant spec. My idea would be to give core revenants additional f2 and f3 slots in which they can customize by choosing between facet skills that correspond to the core legends similar to Glint’s facet of nature. This would give revenants more variety for using their energy upkeep mechanic without the need of taking Herald. These facet skills could also help mitigate some of the weaknesses that the class currently has with conditions.

Facet of Retribution: Place the Facet of Retribution on yourself to grant nearby allies retaliation every few seconds.
Active skill: Gain one stack of stability and taunt nearby foes. Gain additional stacks of stability for each foe taunted. Breaks stun.

Facet of Devastation: Place the Facet of Devastation on yourself to grant nearby allies life siphon every few seconds.
Active skill: Transfer a condition to your target on each successful strike for the next 5 seconds.

Facet of Corruption: Place the Facet of Corruption on yourself to grant nearby allies chilling strike every few seconds. Chilling strike: Your next strike chills your foe.
Active skill: Gain 3 seconds of resistance and copy conditions currently on you to nearby foes.

Facet of Salvation: Place the Facet of Salvation on yourself to grant nearby allies increased healing power every few seconds.
Active skill: Remove 3 conditions from yourself and nearby allies and heal for a small amount. For a short duration incoming conditions have their durations reduced by 50%. Breaks stun.