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Six Minutes is FIXED

in Battle for Lion’s Arch - Aftermath

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Yes thank tell me to what server to guest to at this very moment where i can 100% get the achievement. Or tell me the exact time i should guest to that server…and which overflow.

Guestings equals a big 0. Stop making it sound like it’s the solution. It should never come down to guesting in the first place. U have 2 chances/day to guest to the right server, right overflow, right time with right ppl doing it and right event scaling.

BG is one of the servers who made the achievement and in general a good server overall population wise. I have been sitting in LA doing events for the past 6-7h trying to get it. Guess what..not happening. They did the achievement at 5AM my time. glhf trying that with a job.

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Cracking Code in Scarlet's Lair *SPOILERS*

in The Origins of Madness

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Took a while but i think i finally understand what went through the developer’s mind when he created that code in scarlet’s lair. It’s a pretty interesting message and i think it gives us clues about a possible expansion: