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This Game Is So Amazing

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Sebalon.5913


I’ve been playing since August 25, 2012, and to this day I am still amazed every time I log in. I’m posting this thread because I’m tired of seeing all the threads complaining about this or that. Sure, the game isn’t perfect, but what game is?

I’ll never understand those complaining about lack of “end-game” content. You can do whatever you want! And there seems to be practically an unlimited amount of things to do. Also, if you don’t like the gear grind, then don’t do it! I’ve hardly even set foot in fractals, yet I still find ways to enjoy this game. You don’t need the best gear to have fun. If you play the game with this mindset, you may find that your experience completely transforms. Just play the game for fun.