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Please stop with the sPvP unlocks

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Posted by: runeblade.7514


Skills, traits, equipments(Runes/sigil/Amulets) should never have unlocks in sPvP. It does nothing to teach players anything you intended and all it does is make sPvP much more annoying.

Already there is a ton of traits and skills. Putting unlockables on a small few won’t do a thing to make this game easier to understand. If it must happen, you have to put unlocks on every single trait and skills to teach newer players. But that will kill the game already more than it should have to. This is like teaching a child Algebra, Geometry, Calculus all at the same time before you can teach them Addition and subtraction. It is ineffective in teaching newer players and more effective in hurting sPvP.

So stop with the unlockables. Remove the unlockables and focus more on more important sPvP stuff.

5x Warrior, 5x Ranger, 4x Elementalist, 4x Engineer,
4x Necromancer, 3x Mesmer, 4x Guardian, 4x Thief, 4 Revenant

Our suggestions concerning PVP by CC&friends

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Posted by: Olli.6137


Structured Player vs Player has lost appeal due to a lack of variety that became more and more apparent to a great number of players over time. Veterans are stuck playing the same gamemodes over and over, and despite it still being fun at times it often grows quite tiresome. The competitive is bound to the repetitive.
We have collected a few ideas for new gamemodes we feel could bring in some fresh air.
Moreover we have collected a handful of balance suggestions we deem necessary for fair and competitive gameplay, or at least encourage them strongly.


-A more challenging, longer and automated pvp tournament, along the lines of HA in GW1. Wouldn’t be too difficult to implement, most of the mechanics are already ingame, there are already some maps with enough slightly different modes. A KO-based Tournament Mode, with a last Team standing and defending their Top position. The system could easily be upgraded later. That way there would also be always one game for all to watch in the Hall of Heroes (spectating HoH/ Informations about who plays in the HoH), people have something to see in pvp without the use of too many resources. Also continuous increasing rewards like in HA if u manage to hold without changing builds etc even against counterbuilds. The system should also work with a smaller playerbase as well as with a big one. It might also be possible to extend this to a greater amount of teams.

- Reintroduce Tournaments with multiple rounds
- Deathmatch
- Onslaught Mode (Fort Espenwood, Rush in BF3), non-symmetrical map with one defending one attacking team (e.g: siege weapons spawn, when holding a special point; Defense can be built/upgraded by running supply)
- Alliance Battle – Short matches in teams (e.g: 3 Teams vs. 3 Teams), but with random teams
- Relic Run, mechanics are already there but spiritwatch is still more of a conquest map, focus more on orb
- King of the Hill
- Capture the Flag – oldschool mod seen in many games – similar mode already there with Snowball Mayhem
- “Crabtoss” one has to hold something to gain points for team. Mechanics could include taking constant damage to self and AoE while holding, points gained per time, dropped/no points while invisible or invulnerable. Tossing to teammates like Keg Brawl

General Balance:

- Being able to dodge while immobilized
- Lyssa Rune(6) : Grant all Boons except Stability, and remove 5 conditions when using an Elite Skill

Class-specific Balance:

- Heal Signet (reduce passive Heal/scale better with healing power)
- reduce berserker stance duration
- A failed adrenaline attack by a warrior depletes the warrior’s adrenaline (20-30%).

- Limit revive of spirit-ranger (e.g: Spirit dies after revive/increased cooldown after revive/internal cooldown affecting the revive triggered by death and the associated trait)

- Pistol Whip immobilize instead of stun (because of resurrection-control, to easy to force stun breaker
- Move Trait : Feline Grace (Acrobatics 15) to Master Tier (20) active trait

- Buff Elementalist’s survivability (at least in pvp)
- Elementalist’s lightning flash should break stun
- Diamond skin: instead of total immunity against conditions reduce inflicted condition duration. Lower inactivity trigger from 90% to 80% health.

- Shorten condition duration reduction by Automated response trait. (instead of 100% 80/70/60/50% ?)

-Signet of Spite nerf, perhaps in the reduction of the duration of inflicted conditions, or removal of conditions inflicted by it altogether (e.g. 1 Stack of bleeding instead of 2)

- Prismatic Understanding ( reduced boon duration )
- Halting strike ( reduced damage )

Other suggestions:

- Implementation of leaderboards in the actual game, not just “hidden” on the homepage
- Event-PVP in teams like Snowball Tournament or Keg Brawl etc for more variety
- Possibility of sharing/loading builds (for example via code) buildcrafting would be easier and more interesting

We would like you to keep all contributions constructive and on point. Thank you for reading.

-Team Car Crash and friends

Lady Nag Nag Nag
Team Car Crash [CC]

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GW2 Q1-Q2 2013 balance

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Posted by: Phantaram.1265


My tier list from 6 months ago
S Tier:
=S/D Thief
-Spirit Ranger
A Tier:
B Tier:
= Elementalist

And then my tier list from 8 months ago
Tier S: none
Tier A: Ranger +
Mesmer +
Necro -
Tier B: none
Tier C: none

I know what you are thinking. “Whoa Phantaram looks like you had a very positive view about GW2s balance 8 months ago” And you’d be right. I rated necro and warrior the worst at that time, which was easily agreed upon community wide. Yet the two top teams on EU at the time both used 1 of these classes maybe only just a month before I made this tier list, and we both only dropped these classes because people started discovering beastmaster ranger. We used a Necro and Team Curse at the time (Helseth, Lowell, Danto, Fredzw, Hyxorcisten,) used a warrior.

The 2 worst classes were being played on the two top teams. Just let that sink in for a moment.

Then you can see how divided my tier list became after the necro burning patch(6 months ago). The rules of the game we had all played dun changed after this patch.

Just thought this would be interesting for people to look at.

A Guide to sPvP (1. Teamcomps and roles)

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Posted by: Django.5923



This guide is aimed at spvp veterans and a little more advanced players to learn about and discuss teamcompilations. I will explain the roles in spvp and how a good teamcomp looks. I would like to see a discussion about the “best” teamcompilations below

(I will write another absolutely basic/beginner guide, where I explain the map layouts and the terms like “bunker” etc. and another guide regarding tactics for each map. This thread is only aimed at teamcompilations).


  • 1. General Strategies regarding capturepoints
  • 2. General Strategies regarding fights/damage
  • 3. Roles in a team


All the strategies for teamcompilations are based to effectively play on the 3-point-capture-system-maps (thanks captain obvious).
But actually think of it: You have 3 points (+ secondary objectives..) which give you points per second. So the team who has more points (nodes) over time wins the game. Simple as that.
All the teamcompilations come from different mindsets regarding the 3 point principle.

1.1 Play safe on 2 points

“we just win the fights on 2 points”
This strategy usually involves 2 Bunkers. One on closepoint and one on the midpoint (usually). The last 3 players are Roamers. The idea behind this strategy is, that you have 2 ppl for each node, who defend it, while your damage dealers roam and you just win every fight.
If you manage to win teamfights well, this strategy proves very successful and is the most used strategy by teams in my opinion.
The whole teambuild should be based on teamfights. And you will only push far, after you won the fight for decapping it quickly and play safe on 2 points again.

1.2 Play safe on 2 while annoying them on far

“We outnumber the enemy and win the fight due to our decapper”
You also play 2 bunkers (one watches mid, one close) but only 2 roamers for the teamfight. You have 1 class who is dedicated to decapping the opponents point
(NOT a thief who just leaves midfight to decap quickly).
This class is ususally a hardcore bunker and the opponent team has to send at least 2 people to their node (2v1) to get it capped. While you have a 1v2 on farpoint your team should win the midfight because you outnumber the enemy.

1.3 Annoy them on far while winning fast

“We outnumber the enemy and win the fight due to our decapper”
Basically the same tactics as above. You just play without a dedicated closepoint defender. The idea is to play on 2 points, while the 3rd points ticks for your team. Meaning: Someone takes closepoint, you inc the midfight while your decapper holds them on far. If everything works out well, the enemy can’t really push your close (because they have to send 2 ppl to kill your decapper and then have problems in the midfight).

1.4 Just win fast

“We just win the fights on 2 points”
You play only one midbunker, no dedicated closepoint defender and no dedicated decapper. You decap after you won the fights (or after somebody died, or your thief is low). You have 4 dmg roamers, move fast and win fights fast.

1.5 Bunker them

“We just bunker everything”
There are teams out there who play with 4 or more bunkers (usually the 5th is a decapper which is also a bunkerish class.) The idea behind this is, that you inc every point. Keep them decapped and cap over time using knockbacks.

Some thoughts about improvements (Summary)

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Posted by: Sensotix.4106


This thread aims to summarize all the problems and solutions atm and represents not only mine but also the opinion of other top players in this game
Some suggestions:

Video Link too:
- nerf all classes except for mesmer elementalist and guardian
- reduce the number of pets on the battlefield

so why do that?:
- if they buff mesmer and ele every class is kinda “op” so to stay “op” we have to stick to certain builds..if you nerf the “op” classes you have a better chance to create build diversity
- if there are less pets you have better overview and it depends on the skill of every player to kill an enemy instead of letting your pets do the work (i am mesmer and i think phantasm mesmer is ridiculous)

Some more suggestions:
- give players the opportunity to display their leaderboard ranking in pvp if they wish to do so (motivation for the players)

- solo q: let players decide which map they want to play.. if two maps reach the same amount of votes it will be decided by chance
- team q: let players decide which map they want to play…it will obviously be 5:5 everytime so it will decided by chance

- implement legendary weapons for pvp if you reach a certain win/loss ratio (just an example but i think its good because it shows the best how good a player/his team is….i dont really like the idea of getting them by playing a certain amount of matches etc)

- implement titles for players in the top 100 (you can keep the title even if you drop out of the top 100)

- improve the skill animations to give the possibility to react to certain skills better

- solo q: if someone leaves the game early or is afk only he looses leaderboard ranks and his group mates dont

- add professionally organized tournaments once a month so people can practise with their team for them (= therefore add special rewards for winning such a tournament)

- seperate pvp and pve skills like you did in guild wars 1

- implement a guy standing around in the heart of the mists where you can check the leaderboard because what player really want is to see it ingame and not on a website)

-implement a trading post guy in the heart of the mists

-make tutorials on how to play tournaments etc for beginners (simple tipps and tricks) so that 4 people dont cap a single point

- being able to buy pvp skins with glory instead of diamonds

-reduce spammable aoe (=give every class certain powerful aoes with a good animation but not spammable ones)

IF you have any ideas or suggestions feel free to post them so i can add good ones to the current post to make it easier for anet to see the summary

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