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For our late friend Flows Sensations

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Hi everyone

I really don’t know that well where to write this, so I’m guessing this place will do as well as any, since we did hold a little in-game ceremony…

On June 13th a guildmate and dear friend suddenly passed away at her home. Her passing has been hard on a lot of us, and so I felt we needed to do something to honor her memory.

Flows Sensations was her favorite character, a mesmer. She was only 30 years old when she was taken away from us. Since none of us really knew her that well in real life, we did not attend her actual funeral. Instead we decided to honor our friend in our own way. We got all the guild members to meet up in the Guild Hall, and we set up a monument in her honor. We picked the statue she would always stand and dance at when she was waiting for the Guild Missions to start, and surrounded it with crystals, symbolizing a mesmer portal. And since most of her character names included flower, we also set up some flowers around it.
At this moment tonight, on her would have been 31st birthday, we held 2 minutes of silence, honoring and remembering our dear friend.

She was the only member of our guild who had actually attained the God Walking Among Mere Mortals title in the first Guild Wars She had been playing Guild Wars since Prophecies, and hadn’t stopped playing it since. Goes to show how much she loved the game!
Flows was always in for lots of dungeon runs, and even tried her hand at raiding with the guild. She also truly loved the Guild Wars storyline.

Her passing came as a surprise to all of us. The last time I spoke to her was about 2 weeks before her passing, she had just come home from the hospital after a bad infection and a very high fever. Her passing had nothing to do with that illness though.
She came online pretty late and wanted to relax and play Guild Wars 2 before going to bed, but the game wouldn’t launch due to some error. I helped her by taking control of her computer with remote software, had to reinstall her graphics card drivers to get the game to boot up again. By the time I was done it was time to go to bed. Not knowing I would never be able to talk to her again aftwards… :’(

Concluding, from all of us here at OtDL, we will miss Flows very much. May she rest in peace. Thanks for reading


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