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New player, prof choice?

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Thank you so much for your responses.

It’s both very helpful, and quite useless (In the way that it doesn’t help my choice in any regard) – I feel incited to play every single class right now.

I feel like i should pick a class where i’m content with the new elite specs. The developers will have a lot of focus on the new specs, and they’ve put a lot of work into them, so that’s probably my gut feeling.

So right now i’m looking towards the Firebrand and holosmith, and i’m quite intrigued by the weaver and soulbeast for some strong flavourful melee oriented builds.

I don’t necessarily require a 100% melee build, but i do like to have the majority of the spec play out where i prefer it. If you catch my meaning.

Thanks again, keep the oppinions coming

New player, prof choice?

in Players Helping Players

Posted by: Spitzbube.3964


Hi everyone.

I could use a bit of friendly advice from some seasoned people.

I’ve started playing GW2 with a friend who already has a max level warrior (leveled a few years ago and then quit the game) that he seems to enjoy a lot.

I’m having a hard time figuring out what to pick as my class. I’m a seasoned WoW-player, did a lot of mythic raiding and such, but i can’t play that game in moderation, so i figured it was time for something new, and so far i really enjoy GW2.

Anyhow. I really enjoy playing melee dps – i always played Rogue, Enhancement shaman, Death knight and such in warcraft.

So i’d like to find a class that can do melee well, and work well in various end game activities ( mainly pve categories).

The Thief is cool, but Deadeye is not my style at all. Revenant i haven’t even tried, and it seems to be going bow-spec.

Warrior could be cool, but daggers??
Guardian is nice, and so far my highest level char, at 52. But i can’t really figure out how Firebrand will play.. seems like a hybrid dps/support thing to me.

Could you play a super cool melee petless soulbeast maybe?

Engineer – holosmith? Seems super cool, something like what i’d prefer, but the rest of the class is a bit less “me” ….

Any of the light armour classes that’ll have great melee specs? Haven’t really tested them out. Maybe weaver is right in the thick of it with the sword?

And how important will the new elite specs even be? Can you just ignore them?

Sorry for all the noobish questions, hope you can help me make a decision.