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FoTM Leaderboards (Some Privacy)

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Dear ANET,

I would like to OPT-OUT of the leaderboard if it is implemented in a public form or at least have some privacy in the leaderboard.
(We dont have a choice about the leaderboard – its coming that we know).

If it is a public leader board – e.g. like the following:
1 = ‘My name is FOTM’ (in-game character name)
2 = ‘Volcanarous’
3 = ‘I play too much FoTM’

There is a big security risk (IMO) that players on the public leader board will be bombarded in-game by players with PMs/Messages or hack-attempts to steal someones account (as they are known to be good at what they do).

At minimum please require players to type in a players name to find out where they are in the leader board.

Many Thanks,

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