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More Colorblind Consideration, Please!

in Queen's Jubilee

Posted by: Tauhx.2504


Hi Forums, I’m Colorblind,

And, in addition to other troubles in GW2, it makes it very difficult to see AoEs — especially in the Queens Gauntlet; my experience is very near playing without AoE indication at all, making Liadri’s death-storm AoEs insanely challenging.

I understand that colorblindness is something Anet has addressed in the past, and giving movement to the AoE indicators was tremendously helpful in many situations (Cliffside first fight is a big one for me). Nonetheless, it is still a large obstacle for colorblind peoples.

Without expecting a speedy solution, I would recommend 2 things:
1) Allow for players to choose what color AoE indicators are. While I personally have intensity deficits in red (80% loss) and green (65% loss), I have heightened intensities for blues and yellows — both at almost 200% intensity. Being able to select those colors as an alternative might be very helpful.

2) If in designing new content, there are to be AoEs atop green/gray surfaces or surfaces that otherwise might not provide best visibility, have your play testers complete the content with AoE indicators disabled. This will give the developers better feedback as to what the challenge might be like for colorblind players.

Anyway, that’s just my 2 cents. I’m gonna keep trying at Liadri, but speaking honestly, I can only get to phase 2 because I’ve memorized the first bit of the drop pattern, and I know darkness doesn’t befall the same region twice in a row. It’s poopy and slow, but it’s the best I’ve got right now (and I’m totally open for suggestion).