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Anet forcing players to beta test

in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

Posted by: TheBlackLeech.9360


Imagine these new specializations did not get tests…. and instead we just got the professions added to the game in their current broken state when HoT released.

That would mean that everyone playing would be abusing the broken aspects of the new specs…. rather than a few handfuls of people willing to beta test in real pvp.

If testing did not occur this way, the problem would simply be delayed and it would be 80x worse when the problem finally did surface.

Beta testing pvp is a necessary evil, and I can’t think of any other way to handle the situation.

Main City Minigames

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: TheBlackLeech.9360


Before Guild Wars 2 was launched, I was under the impression that each main city was going to have a mini game.

So the Norn have keg brawl… and that is in the game now.

What should the other races get?

Asura were supposed to have Polymock (or minipet arena) of this I am certain.

Charr could customize and race vehicles? or maybe battle things gladiator style in their arena/auditorium?

Sylvari? I’d say Seed Turret Tower defense (maybe parody plants versus zombies).

Humans? I draw a blank.
Survival vs endless waves of centaurs?
I think the humans have seen enough of the centaurs…. but I can’t think of anything better at the moment.

What do you guys think would be great minigames for the remaining three races’ main cities?

Promoting MF and GF

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: TheBlackLeech.9360


Does anyone else feel a sense of dread when you find out that your party just seems to be lacking in the DPS department…. or you have a party member who continues to get downed all the time…. and it turns out that one or more people are running MF gear?

I feel like MF gear should effect the entire party’s loot tables, because as it stands now…. in my honest opinion, anyone running MF stats is just leeching off of everyone else.

Everyone contributes in killing the enemy.
The player running MF gear is dealing less dmg/healing less/etc.
player with MF gear (potentially) gets better loot than everyone else.

If the entire party’s loot tables were effected, this would completely eliminate any animosity toward players running MF gear, and it would make it fair to all players.

With the addition of the new infusions and amulets, I feel like more and more people will be running MF and GF instead of getting useful stats, and this was secretly the intention of Anet all along.

+4power or +20MF?

“What difference does 4 power make? I’ll take the MF”

Most players are going to be choosing the MF or GF…. and I will be choosing one that actually contributes to my character’s stats.

I avoid players who run MF gear as much as I can. Unfortunately for me, and everyone with my mentality…. the current MF system is player based… and the only way to change my feelings is to make it party-wide!

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