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More Counter Stealth Play

in WvW

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Different game mechanics and different balance choices; GW rogues don’t have defensive buffs for instance. Beside, he is wrong about the movement penalty in othe MMO’s. Which show another problem with the ‘other mmo’ arguments, they are invariably false, yet require an excessive amount of time and energy to be shown as such.

Of course, if Thief got some changes and fixes to Stealth they would need some adjustments to defense, Vit and Toughness would need to be adjusted.

I just think that Stealth in combat should be a “right situation” sort of thing and not a spam, spam, spam at every chance.

Well its is more than that. Condi removal, passive healing, sustained dps, and any trait linked to stealth would have to be reworked. The full implementation would likely make thief like warrior (with tweaks). The main issue would be without reworking the entire thing ides are tossed out without considering the big picture.

too many of you have short memory. When they nerfed stealth to a 4 second revealed they literally rolled it back a month later. Stealth is inherently built into the thief class. While many thieves use no stealth builds they are essentially perma evade builds.

For the lack of AoE, range, stun, stability, active combat regen, and the low health pool
and poor armor ( the least thing to worry about).

The truth is people do not fear thief in a raid, in any sort of big scale fight, the truth is this comes down to one thing roaming. So I say nerf the thief and buff everything else to the level of every other class. That means AoE, range, sustained dps and healing, CC, condi removal, burst buffs.

Let me break it down to reality for you all. You either have to buff the class into some hybrid warrior/guardian or leave it as is. Not complex. In a game where most of WvW is zerging I find it funny the singular focus on thief. Instead of throwing out some red herring I would suggest you gain some level of scope. Is it really worth reworking an entire class in PvE for the sake of a roaming scout build when wvw meta is zerging which said class does not do well?

In order to nerf stealth the class has to be reworked and everything else has to be buffed simple as that.


So you understand

Traits that benefit from stealth
Stealth Attacks
Traits that apply stealth
Utility skills that grant stealth

“Of course, if Thief got some changes and fixes to Stealth they would need some adjustments to defense, Vit and Toughness would need to be adjusted.”

@ArmageddonAsh for someone who has been playing longer than me your scope is very limited. If you touch stealth every trait related to it every attack would have to be adjusted.

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