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Revert Maim The Disillusioned

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I honestly don’t even see the problem with mtg compared to the respected buffs of other classes. Engi condition builds are insane, mesmer mantra got a bigger ninja buff than I could have ever possibly imagined, and on top of that you literally ninja removed confounding combatants. Compared to other builds of players I played with and the burst potential they provided it seemed pretty even, but you didn’t even give it a chance.

Please think about it and revert it, give the community a chance to atleast play test it for longer than 6 hours. Ninja nerfing two condition traits in a matter of hours kinda put a damper on all the new excitement towards condition. Esp when you buff power with the passive minor replacing confusing combatants & the mantra changes is also just depressing to think about in comparison. +1 If you agree

Ps: Duelists disipline is also bugged, the trait doesn’t even work, no bleeds are proc’d from it, please fix


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Countless On Mesmer Changes

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Critical Infusion: The devs believe that mesmers should “invest more” into their builds in order to benefit from vigor since they feel it’s necessary to nerf critical infusion from 5 seconds to 10 seconds. My question is this. Before the upcoming path, what mesmer doesn’t run 20 into the dueling trait line? You tell us to invest more but you nerf said thing you want us to “invest” in.

If you wanted us to invest more then move it higher up the tree or somewhere else for that matter. That’s not motivation, it’s far from it. Also last time I checked, people do make builds that do go into the chaos tree, giving boon duration. Which is myself included, my current build has 20 in chaos giving 20% boon duration. So please don’t assume that nobody is running boon duration in their builds and rune sets already.

Deceptive Evasion – Here we go…….Ok, I understand. I get why you think it’s broken or why it’s cheese when it comes to clone on death. I’ve been running it longer than most, so I believe I have some knowledge on the mechanic. But what you’re suggesting not only hurts clone on death, but mesmers as a whole, and that simply isn’t fair in my opinion. There are plently of ways to make clone on death more balanced without ruining one of the best traits that mesmers have. An idea that comes off the top of my head is the following.

- Make clone on death blockable

that alone would deter a decent amount of damage for quite a few classes including guardian, warrior, engi, ranger, and mesmer. But what you’re currently doing is limiting diversity once again, which is sad. Mesmer right now is struggling in the current meta. And the only mesmers who have any place in the meta are relying off the exploit confounding suggestions to hold their weight, and that simply isn’t right either. A bigger effort needs to be made off of fixing bugs then re-evaluating the situation before moving forward.

Mesmers in general are pretty well off the way it is. It’s just the other classes who are overshadowing mesmers for some time now and that’s fine. However it seems you guys are taking your balance stick and poking it in the wrong places overall in a attempt to makes things better, but honestly this was taking things a step backwards with the changes that you are proposing. Hopefully you will change your minds.

On a personal note, I’m quite flattered that the devs think clone on death is “cheesing it” and “disrupting the flow of gameplay”. The last time I checked, I have to click a button to heal myself, I’m looking at you warriors. But again please reconsider the changes you have suggested.