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Honoring Priest Graidy, a true hero

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In today’s Lion’s Arch naming poll, one of the proposed names for the rebuilt lighthouse is Graidy Lighthouse.

Priest Graidy was a kind and generous man and beloved father who believed in the strength of the people in Lion’s Arch to overcome adversity. He had strong faith in the Six Gods, but he respected the religious freedom of others. After the historic lighthouse was destroyed in the Karka attack, he stood nearby and offered visiting players swiftness boons.

Priest Graidy: Six watch over you, my friend. Have you come to see the last, battered remnant of Old Lion’s Arch?
Priest Graidy: Disaster and attack may have raised [sic] it to its ancient foundations, but we’ll always maintain this treasured monument.
Priest Graidy: The Six have preserved the foundation as a gift to all who walk the face of Tyria, regardless of their beliefs. In the name of the Six, I bless you with the swiftness of the gods.
Priest Graidy: Such is the awe-inspiring power of the six gods. Take their blessing to hasten to your next destination."


During Scarlet’s attack on Lion’s Arch, he sent his daughter with the other lighthouse workers away to safety, while he himself stayed at the newly rebuilt lighthouse in order to warn approaching ships away from the devastation and violence happening in the city.

Ellyna Graidy: Dad. Forget the lighthouse! We need to get out of the city.
Priest Graidy: Not yet, honey. Approaching vessels need to be warned off.
Ellyna Graidy: Dad…
Priest Graidy: Just go. I’ll be right behind you. Until then, may Dwayna keep you in her arms.
Priest Graidy: I love you, bunny.
Ellyna Graidy: I love you, bear.
Ellyna Graidy: All right. Get me out of the city, and then come back for my father.


Because of his selfless act to prevent the battle from claiming more lives, he did not reach safety himself and made the ultimate sacrifice.

Ellyna Graidy: I still think I’m going to see my bear, but then it strikes me that he’s gone.
Ellyna Graidy: When Scarlet attacked the city, my father stayed behind and used the lighthouse to warn ships to stay away. He sent me away, for my own safety.
Ellyna Graidy: My father used to tell me stories about a bear and a bunny having adventures. Since then he’s been my bear, and I was his…Oh, why did he have to die?


Priest Graidy was a true hero of Lion’s Arch, a kind and gentle father who had the courage and heart to put himself in danger and save lives during terrifying attack on his beloved city. I think it would be appropriate for his life, his values, and his sacrifice to be memorialized in the naming of the lighthouse, a building whose purpose is to keep sailors safe and the place where he made his last stand.

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