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What species would you truly play?

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Standby—Mode—terminated. One—suggestion—update—is—available: RCAPPEAR.dat.

Converting—data—file—into—speech—file. One—moment—please.


While—my—processors—compensated—for—the—freed—memory—generated—from—standby—an—idea—for—my—previous—suggestion—compiled—itself—within—my—databanks. Relaying suggestion update…

Golem—customisation—gives—players—a—choice—of—shape—based—on—the—other—races—and—color—of—the—golem’s—glow. This—will—make—golem—customization—superior—to—that—of—other—races.


Downed skill 5... "End it."

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I hate being downed. It doesn’t matter where I get downed… I hate it. I understand it gives that “fighting chance” but like everything else it gets abused if it can’t help it. Most of all its freaking annoying especially when you downrallydownrallydownrallydead.

So instead of going through this really unpolished process of getting killed, how about we have the option to just kill ourselves? It would be a great addition to downing because you can stop the annoyance of a slow death while denying your assailant the satisfaction of benefiting off of your defeat! No rallies. Just sweet peace and the joy of knowing that your enemy didn’t get a kitten thing for their effort.

But for the sake of realism, lets give it a 1-2 second charge so your enemy at least has some time before they are robbed of their loot/kill.

EDIT: I understand where you all are coming from but the one thing you guys don’t understand is Downed =/= Defeated. The fact that they are still breathing and performing actions doesn’t mean you’ve earned anything. If for any reason this goes into effect and you don’t like the “No reward for suicide” part, then kill faster. :I

EDIT2: After reading some of the newer posts, I think completely preventing lootbags and xp is a little too much. However, suicide can put an added challenge in killing downed players so I’ll propose a penalty of 50% xp for suicides instead.

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Next Weapon Set: Rifle

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<insert useless opinion bullkitten here>

And now I would like to give my thoughts no how the rifle should work for thieves. If thieves end up getting access to a rifle, I propose that the rifle should be slow, initiative-use-heavy weapon whose effectiveness increases with distance. I shall list my rifle skill ideas now. Feel free to call them OP or w/e. I am not in charge of balancing so idgaf. :P

Damage calculated = 2000 power x 1265 weapon strength)/2597 armor x skill coefficient

1close) Spray and Pray
Blast your enemy with a cloud of Bird Shot that makes them vulnerable. Close range only.
Cooldown: 1/2s
Damage: 146 x2 (.15) (292 max)
Range: 400 Cone
2 Vulnerability: 6s

1mid) Pot Shot
Who cares what happens! As long as it hits them, right? Medium range only.
Cooldown: 3/4s
Damage: 390 (.4)
Range: 401-800
50% chance to bounce.

1long) Cover Fire
Support your team from a distance. Long range only.
Cooldown: 3/4s
Damage: 487 (.5)
Range: 801-1200

1stealth) Bullet to the Knee
End their adventuring days with a high caliber bullet to their kneecap.
Damage: 536 (.55)
Range: 1200
Cripple: 8s

2) Drill Shot (4 initiative)
Shoot a piercing round that punches holes through armor and ignores armor ratings a little.

Charge: 1s
Damage: 649 (.4)
Armor Rating -40%.
Range: 1200

3a) Shadow Retreat (3 initiative)
Shadowstep directly away from target (like a kitten). Turns into Shadow Return.
Range: 600

3b) Shadow Return
Return to the spot where you acted like a bit…. I mean Shadowstepped from. Remove 1 Condition. :D
Range: 1200

4) Ghillie Suit (5 initiative)
Go prone and become one with your environment. Initiative regen stops. Movement and skill activation breaks stance and Camouflage.
Initiative Drain: 1 per second
Camouflage: 2s
Camouflage: 1s per initiative spent while in stance.

5a) Snipe (7 initiative)
Kneel down and line up your shot with your target’s vitals. Initiative regen stops. Movement and skill activation breaks stance. Turns into Fire.
Initiative Drain: 1 per second

5b) Fire
Shoot the bullet that may very well end your target’s life. Gains range and strength the more initiative is spent while Snipe is active. Automatically fires when initiative hits 0.
Damage: 974 (1)
Range: 1200
Bonus Damage: 2% per initiative spent
Bonus Range: 200 per initiative spent
Bonus Crit Chance: 1% per initiative spent(5 max)
5 Bleeding: 10s


Relevant picture is relevant.


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For future reference, L2P means...

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“L2P” from a thief means:

Roll a thief and play around with stealth. Learn what thieves do by being the thief yourself so when you go back to your main you know their next move.

Once you understand the thief, fighting one will feel as though you are reading a book. Fights against them will feel so pathetic that you will wonder why you ever kittened about them in the first place. And if you are that good, their first attack will tell you everything about them.

Seriously, just try one out and tinker with them.

….. or something along those lines.

Silly comments about thieves

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“I saw a perma-stealthed thief…”