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Will vendors be updated for PoF?

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We will be adding a new currency that is similar to Proof of Heroics that will allow you to buy new sigils, runes, recipes, and hero points from PoF.

There will be a new skirmish chest with the new currency in them.

Thank you for this information.

After PoF releases, will Proof of Heroics still be available to buy HoT sigils, runes, recipes, and hero points at the current exchange rates?

There are players with many thousands of unspent Proofs of Heroics and there will be new HoT purchasers that would like to buy HoT goods and hero points…

I have many characters that I have not bothered to spent Proof of Heroics on and that have not gained their HoT skills. Should I consider spending them now or after PoF releases..

If past experiences teaches me anything, it’s likely that this system will change a lot more than we are currently being told.

[Notarized Scroll of Heroics]
[Notarized Scroll of Maguuma Heroics

You will still be able to purchase everything you can now with Proof of Heroics.

I think the question was if there will still be a way to earn Proof of Heroics? Since there are items such as the legendary backpack and armor that require the currency to make them?