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Coming back on Thief

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I used to play a thief almost a year ago if i am not mistaken, shortly after they introduced daredevil.

I pre-ordered the expansion and i am thinking of playing my thief again. I haven’t built any other characters so I can’t really compare dps and play style. I do like the fact that thieves can get of out combat with stealth and have good mobility in general. I have heard that there is a new elite spec coming out which apparently is still getting tuned but has failed with excite people with high dps numbers.

I just have a few questions because I have not been following the GW2 scene. Planning to find a guild, perhaps try raids, pug some instances and do some pvp (not primarilly pvp focused, i like it once i a while but in general prioritise pve over pvp).

Are thieves any good at the moment?
Any pointers for overall good performance builds?

Thanks in advance for any comments.