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Diamond Skin is impenetrable now

in PvP

Posted by: cheese.4739


No, it’s impenetrable as any condition build. Double regeneration and Signet of Restoration completely outheal direct damage from condition builds.

1) Yes, there are ways to get through it. Time your Flesh Golem charge well, take Lich Form, use your Life Blast. Or don’t min/max your conditions/survivability – take Carrion instead of Settler’s amulet, or otherwise add some power damage.
2) If they weren’t running Diamond Skin, chances are you’d be roflstomping them instead. If you’re so heavily specced into condi that you can’t break their skin, you’re lethal to the majority of Ele builds – slightly less so post-feature-patch, but it still requires heavy trait investment for Eles not melt to heavy condition application. Learn to pick and choose your fights; you can probably still spam your scepter AAs at someone else.

Sorry for getting a bit snarky, but I’m really quite sick of full condi folks hating on Diamond Skin when it’s basically flipping the hard counter from you to them.