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Need help upgrading compooper for GW2.

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Really depends on the game the benchmark and whos doing the benchmark.

750 ti is a better overclocker with many of the testing sites getting close to 660/r7 265=7850 performance with stable ocs and minimal heat.

The r7 260x and its older version the 7790(which is getting hard to find these days) cannot reach that performance level when oc’ed, but the prices reflect that. With the r7 260x at about 130-150 and the 750ti at 160-180 the value factor is very similar but they are competing in different market segments. The 750(non ti) competes with the 260 and can be found for about 120-130. In the end its all about budget. (prices pulled from pcpartpicker)

650ti i think is still best performance/dollar but they are impossible to find at the old prices

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