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Painted Character Portraits

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Edit: no longer doing gold commissions only real-currency commissions:

Hello everyone,

As I mentioned before I will be opening the queue for commissions on June 1st 2014!

There will be 5 slots this month, and the cost is 80 gold per character with a maximum of two in a portrait. I will update the queue list on my first post on this thread. Please send me a forum PM for inquiries. (Do not simply post on this thread, send me a PM please)

Note: If you posted or PMed me before June 1st, you aren’t in the queue yet. I’ll only be looking at messages from June 1st onwards!

PS: I still owe portraits to five more people from the earlier batch (White, Calim, Thebearrrrrr, Vodac, Dafuh), once again I’m so sorry for the delay and hopefully you guys can be a little bit more patient with me :S

1. Rhongo
2. Meiaka
3. kittensonhei
4. Enchantress
5. AkioFallstar


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