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Nostalgia for Old Metrica

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I just revisted parts of Metrica province; the starter area for the Asura. In my opinion, this was the best zone in all the game for silly humor, great character voicing, and zone cohesiveness as far as lore goes.

But oh my goodness, if this current zone had been the one I visited two years ago when I bought the game, I’m not sure I would have fallen in love with GW2 they way I did.

Old Metrica, there was a heart where you got to wear a golem suit, and do golem suit things. Now, the golem follows you around, you press F, and then tell the suit it’s a good boy. WTF?

The underwater inquest buildings are free of inquest, leaving empty buildings moldering down there like an artifact of fun.

Golem chess is gone.

I just don’t understand why on earth you would remove content that was fun, was lore specific, and fit so beautifully with the Asura story.

I said after the patch, I was going to level a new character, with all the trait handicaps, and level gate handicaps inherent in the new system, so that I could accurately critique the experience that new players would have. And I’ve done so, slowly but surely, heart by heart, POI by POI, vista by vista.

And while I despise not being able to actually play around with my character because she has no real access to traits despite being lvl 34, and still hasn’t unlocked the 9 and 10 skills, I think the thing I’m the most disappointed about is the removal of all the silly and fun content at the starter zones.

I just fail to understand why you would do that, but I’m beginning to find the whole process of leveling to be mechanical and disappointing, and I’m not sure I’ll last long enough to actually get an elite skill or traits.

Come on guys, there was no reason to take the fun out of the game.

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