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Unity PvP Tournament Org.

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Hey all!

SO! Some of you may have heard about a new PvP initiative, ‘’Ăšnity Gaming Org’’.

The goal is to run monthly EU/NA GW2 Tournaments for 5v5. This Org is being set up with the community in mind in terms of participation, organisation & production.

We have a crew forming and we want YOU to get involved in any way you can.

The discord link is below:

On joining you will be able to find myself and others to communicate with if you would like to do be an admin, writer, featured youtuber, mod and more. Players are also very much encouraged to join the discord to co-ordinate in these future tournaments.

Im not messing around and want this to be a well oiled machine before launching our first tournament. My hope is to begin in early June. I realise this may seem far away for a lot of people, but it really isnt.

I welcome any questions in the comments and hope to see as many players as possible supporting the cause.

I want to talk about prizing but right now this is still a detail we are finalising.

Many thanks and see you in the discord.