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Guildwars 2 warrior 1v1 | 2v2

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Hello peeps

I just started with youtube and wanna share my fun with other gw2 players and show them what i do via youtube !
So i gonna post my video here about me VSing some people in wvw and having fun 2v2ing with my irl brother.
I hope you like it if not then i still gonna be your friend

Enjoy !!!

my youtube channel
like and subscribe it please and ofcourse drop some comments !!!
and tell me waht you think about it and waht can be improved.
Its ofcourse no the best gameplay atm but i see the mystakes myself mostlikely after watching the video’s >.<

farming banks / guild banks

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Hello dear gw2 players and staff

I would like to suggest to make it able to put more gold in the guildbanks or even be able to put gold in the bank to spare more.
Why I want this ?
I want it to spare more gold with my brother and i geus more people will like the idea of sparing more in their bank incase they farm togheter with a friend or family member + it doesn’t hurt anyone or anything else in the game.
Its just for fun and to see a bigger picture of how mutch gold i farmed with a friend or family member.

Friendly greetings
Nihilus Otkuray

Elementalist in Spvp is the worst

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i went back to gw2 after 4-5 months with my bro and we mained our eles we went to some pvp and this is class is just so hard nerfed pvp isn’t even fun anymore somethime’s there are propably way’s to eb OP and good but still this is hard nerfed its just worse
all those classes where so balanced and now its just worse


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hello guys

i have been offline for a couple of months
i started playign again and after 20-40 mins my game crashes for some reason i had to report the isseu after 4 weeks i geus its still not fixed
i dont know if its my connection or computer
but i like get it repaired

any help ?