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How Many people regularly pug?

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Posted by: frifox.5283


I pug daily. Best advice:
1. Never pug on weekends.
2. Never pug when in bad mood.

Rangers Useless in Dungeons

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Posted by: Lindbur.2537


bearbows are great if used correctly


A remnant of times past.
“Memories are nice, but that’s all they are.”

Obsolete build :P

in Warrior

Posted by: Dommmmmmmmmm.6984


I cannot help but thinking that these DnT guys, while having demonstrated some good dungeon skills here and there, somehow miss very basic ones, pertaining to the respect of other fellow players. Going 3v1 against some lad trying his best to share insight with the community … ? Really?

I’ll have you know that I ran this build in a guild run and I only had 2 members rage quit the run. You are calling us out for doing nothing but give this guy props on his sick build.

Death and Taxes Competitive PvE Tournament!

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Posted by: hendo.1940


They should reduce points time/points for each down. Also no one is going to take this GW2 seriously if they see these videos of Mufti Armed Shiva’s standing in corners. We know DnT thinks its “PRO” but to an outsider it looks so bad.

- Lieutenant BHB

Your BHB skill has leveled up!

Now, maybe if you started making proper posts and not just talk out of your lower exit, somebody might even take you seriously outside the General BHBisscussion.

Rezardi – [DnT]
Game over, yo.

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Not full Holy Trinity, but vary proffs?

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Posted by: Tree.3916


Supposed problem is lack of build variety.

Proposed solution is a trinity system with professions locked into specific builds.

This community.

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