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post your soul beast build

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I’m kinda new here and looking for opinion on how good or stupid my build are. I’ll make it short. I’m thinking about going full Valkyrie sets. With Longbow and Short bow as my choice of weapons. With Sigil of Energy and Doom attached on both of them. Oh, and full of Rune of Evasion for the armors. The traits are WS/MM/SB

Adept – Taste for Danger- The 2nd reason I pick valkryrie because of this “expertise”.
Master – Refined Toxins – More Vitality means keep above the health threshold, then keep on the poison strikes
Grand master – Poison Master – For more poisons damage.

Adept – Stoneform- IF you fall below the health threshold, its activate Signet, which gain Fury, which activate Remorseless and gain Opening Strike.
Master – Brutish seal – For more Fury.
Grand master – Remorseless – to regain Opening Strike when you gain Fury.

Adept – Unstoppable Union – To be unblockable.
Master – Predator Cunning – This build playing on poison, steal health means we can manage our health above the threshold.
Grand master – Oppressive Superiority – see this, if you could keep your health above your enemy, means its more damage!

Healing – IDK much about this, which one is good so I’ll leave it to you all to pick it for me.
Utilities 1 – Signet of the Hunt – For the unblockable and movement speed
Utilities 2 – Signet of Stone – Survival. Make HP stay as it is.
Utilities 3 – Vulture Stance – You know why, Poison and Might.
Elite – Strength of the Pack! – Fury, Might (its yours when you meld.)

Choice of pet:
Tiger- For the pounce. Its give fury. Hey! More Fury.
Cave Spider- This one is the focus for Meld, more ferocious and power, poison, and the Worldy Impact.

The reason I’m going for Rune of evasion to regain Fury when you dodge roll. And due to Sigil of Energy and Natural Vigor, we can keep the endurance to gain Fury and Opening strike which is 100% Crits thanks to Precise Strike. This build didn’t need for Precision due to how to calculate crits chance are. Why You need Precision if Opening Strike is all you need for Crits. All we need to do then keep our ferocity and power high enough to be powerful. And this build is all I can think of to maximize the minors on SB(the MM and WS too) traits that we cant avoid to pick/choose like the major.