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[sPvP] Helseth & Sensotix Quit Mesmer...

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Posted by: selan.8354


And unfortunately, it’ll probably take half a year until Anet starts to address that. Just look at us poor Elementalists.

yeah ele in spvp really needs help. in wvw not as much, but in spvp ele is free kill atm.
im am maining a mesmer, but i gotta say im not happy with it atmeither. yes, in spvp i can kill a lot and as i know the class in and out i think im doing fine, but i mainly play wvw and im so frustrated with the terrible state the mesmer is in atm.
i made a necro and actually am having fun now in wvw. no more veil veil veil screaming, no more pressure to run a build that includes glamours to have shorter cooldowns for veil and ong i haz aoe!!!!
so yeah mesmers are doing ok in spvp but terrible in wvw while elementalists do terrible in spvp but excellent in wvw.
also if anet ever wants real balance then wvw and spvp need to be split. ai is powerful in spvp, but a joke in wvw for example, so please anet split the balance and then rework the classes. i’ve been waiting for almost a year now since the glamour nerf and other countless nerfs have removed the mesmers viability in raids.

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