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Too much work for temporary content.

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Does it seem to you that A-net does an incredible amount of programming and development work for content that is only temporary and will never see the light of day again? some of this temporary content looks like they have seriously spent a lot of time and money and probably required some serious overtime work from employees.

Edit: Ok I can understand the holiday event content being temporary but now they are putting temporary content as core game updates like the new raid dungeon coming in April 30th.

Final Beta weekend hunger games – They should have left this as a permanent minigame with tournaments or something.

Second Beta weekend corruption event – Was awesome imo.

October- All of the crazy fun minigames and the extremely difficult clock tower jump challenge should have been permanent.

November – Should have left the giant Karka event on southsun cove as some sort of weekly or monthly open world raid event to earn super good loot and to have awesome fun and to also keep that new map alive because its as dead as a door nail right now.

December – All the extraordinary minigames and the huge winter wonderland jump puzzle.

Living Story – New raid dungeon that will also soon disappear instead of staying with us.

And now really awesome magnificent content in the super adventure box that no other mmo would probably even dream or think of because they are stuck in the status quo that looks like it required Anet employees to put in a lot of hard hours will be gone forever in a month and we will never see it again……EVER!

Why does ArenaNet put in such hard and loving dedicated work for only one time things when they could instead leave them permanently in the game world like we get to keep all the minigames and jump puzzles as halloween treat and christmas gifts..etc

I’m sure if all of this content remained in the game world the GW2 concurrent users would not fall so soon and we would have a much higher number of active players with all of this fun stuff to do left in the game.

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