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Mega servers ruined Gw2

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Posted by: Vayne.8563


Mega servers saved Guild Wars 2. See how easy that is.

Someone posted a thread about how bad the mega servers were and how we should boycott the game until they get rid of them.

Almost all the feedback in that thread was pro mega server, before the OP himself, who was convinced, deleted his OP.

Broken World Events

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Posted by: Paul Belz.7351

Paul Belz.7351

Hey guys,

Just wanted to pop in and say that we are investigating the issues with the iron marches content as fast as we can so that we can get you guys back to progressing through the episode. These issues are indeed proving quite tricky to nail down (it’s not as simple as they simply won’t restart) but we are working hard to get everything addressed as quickly as possible.

Thanks for understanding and sorry for the inconvenience.

Bored of Hairstyles.

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Posted by: Spudfuzz.6185


So I don’t know if Kristen Perry is still monitoring this thread but here goes my late input. I just started a floral design course last week and I was already thinking of random hairstyles for sylvari, then I saw this thread and got super super excited. To address something mentioned earlier first:

As far as conventional beauty standards and ‘uniqueness’ go for faces + hair, I think customization should be about giving people the option to make what they want with what they /like/. By all means though, keep them looking like trees and plants. I’ve just always been one for balance and I’d even use both typically pretty and abstract faces myself.

If I had a say in hairstyles, I’d personally like to see some kind of thick bodied curls. I know curls are usually shafted in games because it’s seemingly labour and processing intensive, but I like to think there’s a way to make it work with textures and layers. I’m not an expert though haha. In any case, I’d really like something like this:

(The ferns if kept could remain green for neutrality and the flower, pink pearl grevillea, could possibly be a dye-able accessory.)


[suggestion] Make mouse arrow HIGHLY visible

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Posted by: Hitman.5829


How many times have you been on a zerg fight or just a regular fight and cannot find the kitten cursor because of all the fancy animations and bling-bling animations and brightly things going on on the screen?

You move and move the mouse just to see if you can locate it on the screen but you fail to locate it?

Anyone hate this?

Side note:

Also add an option where we can disable all the skill description when you put the mouse on top of the skills. It is annoying that they pop up like spam on a web browser.