Cutscenes for the Hearing Impaired?

Cutscenes for the Hearing Impaired?

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Posted by: Ashabhi.1365


Hi, Anet!

First, I want to say that most of your cutscenes are great, and give me the option of reading the text.


I have a level of hearing impairment that requires dual hearing aides. Most sounds and music are kind of meh for me, and conversation is only good if I am in person and watching one’s lips as I listen to the voice. TS and Vent are particularly irritating to my electronic ears.

Here is the problem I am having:

There are quite a few cinematics and cutscenes that are sound only and make it difficult to catch the thread (no pun intended) of the conversation. The viewing experience is great, but the hearing experience is sorely lacking for those.

Is there, or are there plans for some sort of captioning for those of us who don’t hear well or can’t hear at all?

I did a search, but came up with nothing concrete, so please forgive me if this has been asked and answered before.

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Cutscenes for the Hearing Impaired?

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Posted by: DallasisaLeo.1584


All scenes should be subtitled, unless there’s an issue. See this thread:

Cutscenes for the Hearing Impaired?

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Posted by: Saucermote.9140


They are still batting about 50-50 on this. They are doing better on the times they take you away from the chat box, but there are still a lot of conversations important to the story that don’t show up in the chat box at all, and unless I want to wake the neighborhood, I have no idea what is being said.

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