Prolong Bossweek

Prolong Bossweek

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Posted by: zergdaeva.7185


I agree with what others have been requesting about prolonging bossweek for at least another day. I’ve been waiting around since yesterday evening for hours for Teq to appear. All I need is to jump over one more wave to get the meta achievement or one more daily. I would have otherwise had the achievement if not for this bug. People who have missed out because of this should be given one more day to complete Bossweek meta.

I appreciate time taken to read this. I’m not hateful, i just want my shot at what i’ve worked for.

Prolong Bossweek

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Posted by: Zelu.1692


Hi Zergdaeva,

My understanding is that the Tequatl boss achievements (and its meta “Tequatl the Sunless”) are there to stay beyond boss week. The “Above the Waves” achievement where you jump 10 times over the wave will still be there for you to do.

It is the “Boss Week” meta achievements that will be archived, but jumping 10 times over the wave does not grant you progress towards the “Boss Week” achievement.


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Prolong Bossweek

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Posted by: Aerlen.5326


The meta should be staying around, we’ll find out in like ten minutes!

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Prolong Bossweek

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Posted by: Teutos.8620


WTF? Bossweek gone?

Is it really so hard to let everybody know if the living story is staying two or four weeks?

A friend of mine started playing after the last free-to-play-weekend, and he also wanted to complete the boss week, and I told him, the boss week is a separate part of the living world, and so will mostly stay for four weeks… why don’t you have a system for the two and for the four week content? Why are there no infos about the duration?

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Prolong Bossweek

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Posted by: Wolf Fivousix.4319

Wolf Fivousix.4319

Hmmmmm hey, guys, why removing Boss Week so fast?
Please bring it back for 2 more weeks! Some of us take the whole month to go through all the stuff in the living =(((

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