Booze Bolt: 5/20 at 8 PM EST

Booze Bolt: 5/20 at 8 PM EST

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Posted by: RedJustice.1548


Join MadCast Gaming [MGC] on Saturday, May 20, at 8 PM EST for booze, frustration, and fun in Caledon Forest.

What is Booze Bolt?
Booze Bolt is a jumping puzzle race and optional drinking game, created by yours-truly some years ago. You will race to be the first to complete the puzzle- but every time you fall off, take a drink! If you fall off and die, finish your drink!

Is drinking required?
No, of course not! Please follow the laws of your country/state, and be safe. You do not have to drink alcohol to participate in Booze Bolt, though obviously it can make it more… challenging.

What if I am really bad at Jumping Puzzles?
If you don’t want to race, you can instead pick a racer to cheer for. You will drink with them, every time they fall off the puzzle or die, and /cheer for them to finish in 1st. Change your outfit dye to reflect the racer you are cheering for!

Okay, I’m in- where do I go?
This Booze Bolt will be held in Caledon Forest, starting with Morgan’s Leap and continuing with Dreamdark Enclave. I will be creating a squad to pull people over into our map. Whisper me (Aritimi) or look for me in the LFG under Open World > Central Tyria – Squads > Booze Bolt! starting at 7 PM EST.

Is there a prize?
Participation prizes can be found at the end of each puzzle in a chest.

Other Info:

You are welcome to join our TeamSpeak for maximum extra fun and shenangians. You can find information about that here:

If there are a lot of racers, we will divide everyone into relay teams. The first team to have all its members finish the puzzle wins. Team members will race one at a time; when one team member reaches the end of the puzzle, the next team member can begin.

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