Guilds: Activate Recruit Mode!

Guilds: Activate Recruit Mode!

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Posted by: Gaile Gray

Gaile Gray

ArenaNet Communications Manager


As you are aware, we have a lot of new players joining Guild Wars 2 these days. But you may not know is that in addition to preparing our presentation about raids and our Play for Free initiative, and even while working towards the October 23rd release date of Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns, the dev team also has been working on a game event!

We’ll have more information for you about the event later this week. For now, let’s just say that there’s never been a better time to be in a guild!

Guilds leaders: Let’s use this thread as an official “guild recruitment thread” and we’ll link it from an upcoming blog post. The thread is intended for you to give some basic info on your guild, such as:

  • Your guild name and tag
  • Your guild’s preferred gameplay choices: Are you PvE or PvP all the way? Do you have a focus on WvW? Are most of you fractal focused? Or are you a “do it all” sort of guild?” Describe that in your post.
  • Your home world and, if you wish, your guild’s preferred language
  • Times you are particularly active, such as guild events, meetings, new character runs, PvP practices, etc.
  • Guild leader in-game contact info or a link to your guild’s website or forums
  • Other info you’d like to include

Players: Check out this thread to find the right guild for you. There are many benefits to being in a guild, and you can choose your level of activity based on each guild’s areas of focus.

We strongly believe that guilds play an essential role in Guild Wars 2. They’ve done so since the day we launched the game. As we prepare for major releases like Heart of Thorns and for the upcoming game event, please take advantage of this chance to let players get to know your guild! And players, join up and gain the many benefits of being in a guild!

(Note: It’s perfectly acceptable to continue to post individual threads about your guild in this forum. We’re asking guild leaders to make a recruitment post in this thread so we can link it from the blog post.)

Gaile Gray
Communications Manager
Guild & Fansite Relations; In-Game Events

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Guilds: Activate Recruit Mode!

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Posted by: eekzie.5640


Hello everyone!

We’re Papillon Paws [Paws], a European Guild, spread across servers but we have some WvW activity on Aurora Glade. English is the only language we use.

A lot of us are well versed in the game. Not just PvE, but that’s mostly where our focus is on. There’s also a bunch of people who are still busy learning and exploring the game. We’re spread across multiple servers, as we don’t do too much WvW. But people are free to have guilds for that on the side!
So there’s a healthy spread of people for any activities you might want to do.

Most importantly, we’re looking for more friendly and mature people , as we don’t like drama and bickering.
We don’t have daily scheduled runs and all that, we believe people should be organising those things within the guild, to keep it more personal.
The only exception to that are our Guild Missions, we host them every Sunday Evenign at 20:00 CET.

If this sounds like a guild for you (or if you’ve got questions), don’t hesitate to whisper me.
Shoot a message ingame to: Niamus
Be gentle

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Posted by: Edgar Doiron.2804

Edgar Doiron.2804

Name: Foregman Destroyers [FORD]
Gameplay Choice: PVE and WvW, with a bit of PVP
Server: Sorrow’s Furnace (Required to join)
Active Time: 8pm till midnight EST
Contact info: Edgar Doiron.2804
Number of members: 30-40 active daily, 150 total members
Anniversary: We celebrate our anniversary every end of August. 3rd year and going strong(2015)
Other Info:

  • All current guild upgrades are unlocked.
  • We run guild missions every Wednesday at 10pm EST
  • We are in WvW as a guild event every reset night
  • We’re a friendly bunch, and take the time to teach the new players the ins and outs of the game.

You can view our website


Forgeman Destroyers [FORD] – Sorrows furnace

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Posted by: Hamartia.3421


Veterans of the Mist (reddt) is a guild with a core of knowledgable GW1 veterans who play all aspects of the game at the highest level. We dominate Fractals of the Mist, Dungeons, WvW, and sPvP. The guild has a strong core of dedicated members that are happy to help you reach our level.

Guild Missions are every Saturday at 9:00 Eastern US.

We have no requirements for members except you can’t be a kitten.

For an invite, mail Mail hillangel.3502 or drmedic.4705 in game..

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Posted by: hoewhoew.4619


Hello and welcome to our recruitment page!

Guild Name: Guardians of the Silver Dragons [GSD]

Guardians of the Silver Dragons [GSD] is a small European guild built from the ground up. When the game originally launched in 2012 we were primarily a Dutch-speaking guild but quickly came to accept other members as well. Ever since we have been striving to create a place where people can feel at home. A place where you can be who you want to be without too much drama. We pride ourselves in truly knowing our members. With us you aren’t just a number or a name, you are a friend and family member. Most of us will know one another by their first name and some have even met outside of the game! To ensure that everyone fits in and feels at home, we carefully screen our applicants and aim for a total membership of 50 to 60 people. Whether you play PvE, PvP or WvW, with GSD there is usually someone to play with.

What do we offer?

To better help organise our guild and bond with our members, we offer various different tools. More specifically we offer our own Website, TeamSpeak 3 Sever, Minecraft Server, WhatsApp groups and (soon) our own Forums. With these tools in hand it is easy to communicate within the community and even do things together outside of the game, which is highly encouraged. Are you a fan of Minecraft? Simply hop onto our own server and ask others to join you! Or perhaps you really enjoy playing games on Steam? Ask around, there might just be someone who wants to join in on the fun!

By joining our two WhatsApp groups you can easily ask if someone wants to join you for a fractal run or a dungeon. Or when you are bored at work or school, all your friends are just a click away, hiding in your pocket! On our website you will find the latest news about the game as well as an event calendar for scheduled events. These include weekly Guild Missions and Training Raids in the future, as well as bi-weekly events. These bi-weekly events are events of our own creation. These can be litereally anything! Perhaps we will send you hunting for items based on clues and riddles? Or maybe you have to team up with others to beat a dungeon … naked? The possibilities are limitless and not always restricted to Guild Wars 2. That said, we will do our best that our events are accessible to anyone who would like to join.


  • You are 18+
  • You are on a European server
  • You represent the guild most of the time (80%)
  • You register on the website and make an application
  • You will install and use TeamSpeak 3 (for events)
  • We kindly ask you to join the WhatsApp groups (highly recommended)


Guardians of the Silver Dragons – Piken Square

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Posted by: Legerdemain.1365


Hey there, everyone!

Our guild is named the Inglorious Order [IO]. We’re a bit of an oddity in two ways. The first is that our guild has been around since the headstart period, but we’ve always kept it a tightly-knit, small community of close friends up to this point – we’ve never had more than 30 people in the guild at any point up to now. The second is that our guild is based in SFR, but we’re primarily (approximately 90%) people from the United States/Canada, most of which speak only English.

The latter of these two points makes for an interesting experience, because we’re avid WvW’ers first and foremost who are usually nocturnal creatures (active hours usually spanning ~9:30 p.m. – 2 a.m. EST except on weekends, when people are on at nearly all hours ending in p.m.), which places us squarely in SFR’s night crew/downtime. However, we don’t just do WvW! In fact, there are a few of us who absolutely abhor WvW (strange that people like this can exist, huh?), so we try to go off and do regular ol’ PvE stuff with them as often as possible. This stuff ranges the whole gamut, if we’re being honest – Fractals, dungeons, map completion, etc. – but we do not really have any active sPvPers in our guild (not to say they aren’t welcome; we just may not be the best fit for you). The one thing we haven’t really dipped our fingers into yet has been guild missions of any sort, which is why I’m making this post. We’re fully upgraded in all research lines for our guild (lotta work involved there for a small guild, let me tell you), but we’ve just lacked the numbers so far to do any bounties/other.

And that, ladies and gents, is where you come in! We’re happily welcoming players of all experience levels and game-types (and we don’t care what language you really speak, either, just note that bridging the communication gap will be a bit harsh). If you’re interested in joining up with us for some fun shenanigans, hit me up in-game (character name is Expoh, account name is Legerdemain.1365) or here on the forums, and I’ll send you an invitation as soon as I’m next online tonight (work sucks, luckily the forums aren’t blocked)

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Posted by: Rising Dusk.2408

Rising Dusk.2408

How convenient! I just revamped my guild, [VZ]‘s, page last night! That said, I’ll give a brief recap here for new players just joining the game.

[VZ] is a relatively medium-sized PvE primary (90%) / WvW and PvP secondary (10%) guild on the Stormbluff Isle server. A core tenet of the guild is to be a super casual group with the freedom to play the game how you want to, but to be great players with great attitudes while we do it. We have full guild upgrades and have all of the other upgrades ready for use on weekends or when veteran guild members need them.

Some details at a glance for the guild follow.

  • Stormbluff Isle Server, NA, English-Speaking
  • Repping not Required (Though heavily encouraged)
  • Primary weekday play times are evenings EST (also support PST; we stay up late)
  • Primary weekend play times are all day
  • 60 to 70 members, 15 to 25 active at once during our primetime
  • Weekly Guild Mission Events (All)
  • PvE / Dungeons (All) / Fractals (40 plus)
  • Guild chat is light-medium (Many of us have anxiety disorders, but we’re friendly!)
  • Teamspeak 3 (Not required)

We organize Tequatl nightly around 7:30PM EST with the Stormbluff Isle server community (you do not have to be an SBI member to join!) at Pearl Islet Waypoint in Southsun Cove, and we do other events as well such as Triple Trouble Wurm with [Att] every Tuesday and Thursday at 9PM EST! Additionally, we do our guild missions on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 9PM EST.

I am the guild leader, so if you’re at all interested in our kind of laid-back guild send me a message! To all players looking for a guild, I offer you the best of luck in doing so! A good community is one of the best parts of the game, and makes everything that much more fun.


[VZ] Valor Zeal – Stormbluff Isle – Looking for steady, casual-friendly NA raiders!

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Posted by: AfterXII.2761


Looking for a unique community experience? Let us show you why TNO will be your last new home. Visit us online at

We operate mainly in America on the server Jade Quarry, but do have players that live elsewhere. We have our own TS server and we run 2 guild arenas.

Some events that we run regularly:

  • Missions – Thursdays @ 6pm PDT | Sundays @ 1pm PDT
  • Tequatl – Saturdays @ 5pm PDT
  • Weekly Lottery – Fridays @ 5pm PDT
  • Legendary Lottery – Every 2 months on the 1st @ 5pm PDT
  • Seasonal Legendary Giveaways – ~About every 3 months, Yes we give away legendaries… along with other items.
  • Guild Meeting – Every first Saturday of the month @ 1pm PDT
  • Raiding (Coming soon for HoT)

What we expect from you:

  • Good behavior
  • 100% representation (3 exceptions to this rule: personal guild bank, TTS events, WvW guild when roaming WvW maps)
  • Active member (We remove members who go inactive around 1 month)

Join us today at

Note: We require online applications for a variety of reasons. The main reason being, we run automated checks on the applicants (like checking to see if you’re on our banlist).

LOOKING TO BECOME A LEADER? – We’re looking for responsible, dedicated individuals to lead Teq/Wurm, WvW, PvP Leagues and Raiding in HoT. If you have leading experience in any of these please make a note in your application of your interest. – A Guild Wars 2 Trading Post Service – The Nameless Ones [TNO]

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Posted by: Atlas.4509


Midnight Squadron (MS) is a gaming community that has been together since 1995. We pride ourselves on offering and maintaining a friendly and mature atmosphere where all are welcome. We are currently looking to expand our player base in Guild Wars 2 to prepare for the upcoming launch of HoT.

We primarily focus on PvE content and are located on the Kaineng Server. So whether you are a new player fresh out of the mists, or a returning veteran looking for a new home, we would love for you to join us as we journey into the jungle.

For more information, feel free to contact me in game: Atlas4509 or visit our website at

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Posted by: Pluto.8015


Hi all!
I’m here to talk about The Vigilants [HERO]. NA servers, english language only.
We are a tight knit, PvX guild. Our members do a bit of everything gw2 has to offer.
However, our main focus for the guild is to create a welcoming atmosphere where everyone can just game and have fun. With that, we do have rules: be a good person! (no racism, no sexism, no homphobia, no transphobia, or no gay hatred).
Still interested? Awesome!
We don’t have a dedicated wvw server although a handful of us are on Anvil Rock. We have guild missions fridays and saturdays at 9 PM Eastern. Most of us are online from noon eastern until midnight, but we do have members that get on earlier or stay later.
Remember: be a good person, no drama, no 1-uppers (you know who you are!)
Pm or email me any questions you have!

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Posted by: Doom Box.7395

Doom Box.7395

The Knights of Elysium [KoE] is an eight year old online community of diverse individuals. Our goal as a guild is simple; to have fun with those whose company we enjoy. To that end, we welcome all types of members. Whether being a new player or a veteran, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is the amount of effort one puts into contributing to our community in a positive way. That being said, our primary way of communication is Ventrilo and it is where most of our guild community contributes socially. We are based in Blackgate, but welcome members from any NA server. Most of our focus is currently in PvE doing Dungeons and Fractals, and look forward to Raids in Heart of Thorns. We also occasionally participate in casual PvP.

Representing 100% of the time is not required, but if you are interested in joining KoE, we would like you to regularly be on Ventrilo and actively contribute, participate in activities, and engage with guild members regularly. KoE should not be treated as a side guild or secondary guild.

If you are interested in joining message/mail me in-game (Doom Box.7395) or fill out a quick form on our website:

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Posted by: fizz.4536


Name: Defiant Visage [VAWA]
Gameplay: PVE and some PVP
Server: Sorrow’s Furnace (Megaserver wide)
Region: NA
Size: 25+ Members
Active: Evenings
Contact: fizz.4536

We’re Defiant Visage, or better known as VAWA. We’re small, friendly and looking for casual, experienced and even veteran players who are looking for a place to call home. We’re a fairly small guild at this point. We help each other out and spend most of our time just being social.

Rep Policy
We don’t force rep on our members. But we do like people to rep when they’re doing content with the guild.

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Posted by: Terrorsquad.4802



[YuM] is a friendly and social PvP Guild based on the EU Region, made by me in Fall of 2013. Our aim is to create an environment with qualified Guild Members to play with eachother; enhancing their skills in teamwork, communication, rotation and mechanical aspects. We aim that one day you can join/start a fixed team for ESL/AG cups with a decent base of experience!

To have a chance getting into our guild, you’ll need to:

  • Read and agreed to our Guild Rules @
  • Apply @
  • Wait for an Ingame mail (usually 1-6hours after your application), we’ll decide if your application/experience is satisfying enough to test you
  • If we send you an ingame mail acknowledging your Application, it means you proceed to our Testing
  • 5v5 Conquest test is only available on Wednesdays @ 20:00CEST/GMT+2. No other time!

We Offer:

  • Website:
  • Discussions/forum on Website (for Absence, Sharing, Introducing, ..)
  • Representation only in PvP
  • Friendly, Active and Social Guild
  • Experienced Environment (which have won several AG weekly cups nevertheless!)
  • Class Officers and other active PvP veterans
  • TeamSpeak 3 Server
  • Facebook Group
  • Testing of Applicants every Wednesday, which you can join once you get into [YuM]
  • Private Arena
  • Guild Halls once they are released + Upgrades
  • Guild Trailer: HERE

Outside PvP:

  • All Guild Upgrades maxed
  • Guild Upgrades: all bonuses available for PvP/PvE (MF/EXP/Karma) as banner and/or passive buffs
  • Guild Upgrades: all bonuses available for WvW (Camp/Tower/Keep/SM buffs and/or Guild Golems/Catapult)
  • Guild Bank + Deep Cave

What We Expect:

  • Must have account on EU Region
  • Friendly, Social and Active
  • Motivated (You need to have a motivated Application, since it’s the first thing reflecting you)
  • Experienced (atleast know the basics of rotations, communications and class-mechanics)
  • Team Player
  • Must have a working mic to speak and listen
  • Able to respect and follow our Guild Rules (
  • Able to receive & give criticism

If any questions, feel free to contact me ( @ Terrorsquad.2349 , which is my EU main account, not the one I posted with) or any other guildie with [YuM] tag in the game



Denied NA Account | 8.4k hours | 5.6k Games | Bored

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Posted by: Mario Lemieux.9107

Mario Lemieux.9107

Guild Name: Honor of the Wolf Legion
We are mainly a PVE dungeons/fractals/raids guild. We currently are looking for solid PVE minded members who are already experienced in dungeons/fractals for the upcoming Raids system.
Home World: JQ (not required to join)
Play Time: ~5pm-12am Eastern Time Zone (sometimes earlier!)
Also do Guild Missions on Sundays.
Contact Info: Maggie.3082, Mario Lemieux.9107, SilverMoon.1562


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Posted by: Makani Eldrinn.5638

Makani Eldrinn.5638

[HOME] Honestead of the Tyrian Misfits
Yes, we know Homestead is spelled wrong, but that’s the type of guild we are. We’re a Honestead, a safe place for you to hone your skills. HOME is a casual PvX guild based on the North American server Ebay (Ehmry Bay). In PvE we do everything from costume brawl races to quickie dungeons to level 50 fractals. In PvP we have our own Honestead Arena, which we use for daily achievements and monthly 1v1 tournaments. We are looking to boost our numbers before the expansion and are accepting players of all experience levels!
Our rules for the guild: 1. 18+ years of age. 2. No controversial topics (religion, politics) in TeamSpeak main chat or Guild Chat 3. Majority Representation 4. Don’t be a kittenbag.
If you’re interested in joining HOME, please contact one of our council members:
“Tbirdtank” Tbirdtank.5482
“Jkeyper” JKeyper.7658
“Sumo” Sumo.9312
“Makani” makani eldrinn.5638
“Puky”(Pookie) Puky The Destroyer.6017

Some more about HOME:
Council Leadership – We are run by a council of members who were all promoted from within. You will not have to wait for a guild leader to be present if there is a problem or if you have a suggestion for the guild. No single leader making decisions on a whim.
Guild History – We started in Guild Wars 1 and have remained together ever since. We have always been a tight-knit group and we will continue to provide a comfortable and open environment for our members.
TeamSpeak 3, Facebook, & Reddit – We have an active, dedicated TeamSpeak for members and a Facebook group. We are also starting a guild subreddit as some of our members are becoming more active there.
Weekly Events – We run a plethora of optional guild events each week during the evenings (between 6pm and 8pm server time). These include guild missions every Saturday night. We also host a monthly 1v1 PvP tournament, in addition to weekly events such as: guild darts, costume tonic races, jumping puzzle races, Silverwastes & Dry Top farming, World Boss trains, Dungeon/Fractal nights, Story Time with GW Lore, the list goes on…
Promotions – We have 6 tiers of ranks for the guild. Promotions are based on active participation in weekly events and friendliness in TeamSpeak and guild.
Legendary Assistance – This all started when a small portion of the guild secretly saved up enough gold to surprise a founding (all around good guy) member of the guild with the precursor DUSK. We have continued the tradition ever since. We have always been a friendly guild and treat each other like family.
Pants – Not required.
We just celebrated our Third Year as a Guild Wars 2 guild, come be Fabulous with us

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Posted by: Nightshade.2570


Brotherwood of the Machine [BoM]

We are a 3 year old guild who started out as a WvW guild but expanded our resources into a PvX Multiserver guild. We have players that love to do WvW, PvP, PvE, PVRP, PVF… We have a nice blend of veteran players happy to help new players find their GW2 path and footing in this game. Currently we do most of our WvWing on the Tarnished Coast, but have members on several different servers.
We have people who range in three time zones, EST, Late Night PST and OCX.

Visit our website for more info or contact these Hellions and Miscreants:

Nightshade.2570 (Guild leader)
CHINGEZDOMINGEZ.6942 (Guild Leader)
grimmelkyn.1538 (Omega-PST/OCX)
Zalyn.9534 (Omega-EST)


Behelzebub of the Grove said:

“BoM members were great they welcomed me with open arms. The cookies they make are to die for! Literally stay away from the necro cookies they should not be ingested by the living.”

Raidingwithnopants.426 of Jormags Cove claims:

“I joined BoM as a veteran WvWer finally I found a group willing to run around with me without their pants on in fact they have no shame they absolutely refuse to wear clothing sometimes. I have begun asking them to put their pants back on and have begun considering a name change”

Skrittinfrenz.393 attested to:

“When I first met a BoM member I wasn’t sure it was human, I sniffed around it and tried to steal a shiny from its pocket. What I found was two strings and a ball of tinfoil which I will soon be taking back to my skritt mother to make a lovely nest.”

Golemoverlord.543 demanded:

“Join them or you will be pulverized into a wax made of cheese and sent to the hellspel mines to light the lanterns, Be assimilated”


“I’m Batman”

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Posted by: RandAlThor.8593


Hello Everyone,

This is my first post on the forums. I am pleased to represent Storm Dragon Slayers [SDS] and would like to offer everyone the chance to join this long standing and awesome Guild Wars guild.

Name: Storm Dragon Slayers [SDS]
Gameplay Choice: PvX with strong focus on PvE, dungeons, and Fractals – getting back into WvW in a bigger way!!!!
Server: Fort Aspenwood based – but we have guildies from many servers
Active Time: mostly North American prime time 7PM ET-1AM, but have guildies on 24 × 7
Contact info: RandAlTHor.8593 (Lord Randal Thro in game)
Other Info:
•Our guild is fully unlocked and upgraded – run continual buffs
•Have been in existence for over 9 years – from GW1 days!!! and have over 400 guildies
•We do guild missions every Saturday at 8pm ET and all guildies that are online are required to attend (one of our own main requirements.
• We have our own PvP Custom arena for guildies to use and practice in. Plus we have our own PvP tournaments with great prizes.
•We do events every night, including Dungeons, Fractals, WvW, EoTM, PvP, and other fun events thrown in.
•We have teamspeak 3, a Facebook page, and website and are very active.
• We are very friendly and have a reputation as being a family friendly and helpful guild. New players are always welcome, and we work hard to make sure everyone gets the help they need in game.
•Most importantly – we have a lot of fun!!!!!! and want you to have fun with us!!!

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Posted by: DBZVelena.5186


Your guild name and tag: Splinter warband [SWB]
Your guild’s preferred gameplay choices: We are a Roleplay guild, with focus on pve. Though some of our members like other things aswell.
Your home world and, guild’s language: Piken Square (mega server) and English.
Times you are particularly active: Thursday – Sunday in the evening. (cet 19:00 to 01:00) <— Sign up on our website if interested.

We’re a Charr warband. Looking for Charr Roleplayers. FTP players are free to apply, but know that we ARE planning to go to Heart of Thorns zones for RP when possible. And we are planning to get our selves a Guild Hall.

Proud Medic of the Splinter Warband. PM me to know more.

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Posted by: Anzy.9237


Debauchery Tea Pârty [Tea]

Server: Mainly Maguuma, doesn’t matter too much though

Active Times: Around late afternoon/evening/night EST

We’re a small, friendly, english-speaking PvX guild. It’s more of a guild where you do your own thing independently but if you need some friends for some chatting, dungeons, fractals, etc, they’re there! We also really like to help out people with any questions they might have.

We currently have a Level 30 Guild Hall!

Contacts: fluffnut.7624 (La Peste), Eevables, Anzy.9237

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Posted by: ExCode.6370


Revel is a WvW-focused PvX guild, established at the launch of Guild Wars 2 over four years ago. We’re currently recruiting active, dedicated, self-motivated players with a competitive drive that will make a solid contribution to our team.


Server — Blackgate (NA)
Prime Time — 7:00pm – 1:00am EST/EDT
VoIP — TeamSpeak
Age — Minimum 18+, most are 21+
Website —

Many guilds identify as PvX. In practice, most of these guilds base their presence almost entirely in PvE. Our approach is different. We are primarily focused on a competitive WvW environment (fights and PPT) but also participate in PvE and PvP activities together.

World vs. World:

  • Three scheduled raids per week with senior commanders (4+ years experience)
  • Regardless of experience, everyone is welcome as long as you bring a great attitude, are open to constructive criticism, and will adapt to group needs (guild builds, gearing, etc.)
  • We regularly form small ops/havoc groups on off-nights
  • Current class needs: Guardians, Revenants, and Elementalists

Player vs. Environment:

  • Daily fractal/dungeon groups (we mostly run high tier, but have members willing to assist others in progression)
  • We have experienced leadership that can help you learn how to properly defeat content. As with anything, it’s on you to learn and improve, but we will do our best to get you up to speed if you’re new!

Structured PvP:

  • Occasional training nights for those looking to get their feet wet and learn from the best in guild
  • Highly experienced players that participate in ranked play during seasons

Our Community:

  • Active, mature, and friendly members
  • Private TeamSpeak
  • Website with Team Builds & Helpful Guides
  • Scheduled events
  • Weekly Guild Missions & Raffles
  • Knowledgeable players and veteran leadership
  • Core part of server (Member of Blackgate War Council)

We’ve been a staple of the Blackgate community since day one and have no plans to relocate. Although we require you to be on Blackgate, it is not necessary for the beginning of your trial and can transfer once you’re sure you love us!

Although we do run things across all game modes, it should be noted we are currently emphasizing recruitment only for those who have a more dedicated interest in WvW.

Member Expectations:

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Reside on Blackgate (by end of trial)
  • Utilize TeamSpeak often; required for WvW/grouped events (must have microphone)
  • Represent us exclusively (bank/personal guilds are always fine)
  • Be respectful and courteous to everyone, but especially those in the guild
  • Regularly participate in scheduled guild events
  • Be an active, committed, long-term member

Joining Us:

If all of the above sounds like a good fit for you, head on over to our website ( and fill out an application on the Apply page. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our recruitment officer Khalessi (Khalessi.5086) in-game.


Stef – Guild Leader of Revel [REV] – Blackgate

(edited by ExCode.6370)

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Posted by: Tdarnok.5083


The University of Tyria [UoT]
Main Server: Desolation for WvW activities but players across various EU servers
Language: English
Location: All over the world, Mainly Europe
Voice Comms: Raidcall
Guild Leader(s): Tdarnok.5083 & Gergolot.4217
Recruitment Status: Open, any class and level
Min. age: 18+
Activities: Guild Missions on sunday, 20.00 GMT+1, guild pvp, dungeon & fractals runs
Mostly active in evenings and weekends
For invites/more info, you can always message one of the following players:
Tdarnok.5083, Gergolot.4217, Jasper.4531, Archos.2017, Bram.3602, Eagleye.5079, Late For Tea.1846

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Posted by: Nikolai.2809


The Ten Rings of Nova Corps [NOVA]

We are a pvx guild that do a little of everything. We are a smaller social guild that is looking for more adults that would like to be part of our community.

We are based off of Stormbluff Isle and have been on that server since early access.

We are more active nightly between the hours of 8 est time until 11 est time but usually have a member or two on at some time during other hours.

I am one of the guild masters and will usually be online as my thief Sephor Calami nightly.

We would love to have new, returning, or veteran players join our community. Send me a whisper or mail in game for more info.

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Posted by: ThiefChar.5496


My Name Is Thief Charac[ter]

WvW Guild made up of players named Thief Character and variations of that.

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Posted by: derekgrant.6504


Epex [Epx] is a guild, not even a week old, looking to expand into a top tier casual raiding and PVE guild for adults! We are currently looking for officer and raid lead positions to fill our ranks before expanding into recruiting and preparing for Heart of Thorns! If you are looking for an already bursting active guild we are currently not in that place. Instead we seek motivated and eager individuals ready to thrive in the GW2 raiding scene! Help Epex build!

Gametype: Epex will be doing PVE content including raiding, fractals and open world events! Our goal is to see the hardest content Guild Wars 2 has to offer in a fun and competitive environment.

Homeworld: Epex is currently a Tarnished Coast based guild but would love to include members of different servers. We are a North American EST guild with primarily English speakers! (Bonus points of you can serenade us in a Spanish classical song with a guitar. )

Playtimes: Raid times are currently undecided. In Epex you pop in when you can! Flexibility is key to a happy and active life style balancing work and play, and we play to have fun. We know moms play, we know dads play, we know very important business associates who are on call 24/7 play.

Guild Events: Our main priority is raiding! But Guild Wars 2 is a beautiful world to explore and every week Epex would love to dapple into an existing game map and play events. Whether that be running around in devestated Orr, the new and exciting jungles of Maguuma and the busy town districts of Cantha we will have fun! (Beer and drinking not mandatory, but encouraged!) We will also run dungeon competitions weekly to excel and practice with our main characters. Naked dungeons? Check. Three man dungeons? Check. Full profession party dungeons? Check. Guild missions will also be planned!

Leader: For more information, or a more personal approach, please message my account name in game or my main character Arkells. You may also contact officers Fell Aron Lee and Kendrew Irvine.

Epex has a very firm belief and foundation that you don’t need to apply for a guild using a third party website. Joining a guild and becoming a member of a new family is personal, and it should always be!

(edited by derekgrant.6504)

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Posted by: Priest Tully.3798

Priest Tully.3798

hi everyone im priest tully and i represent the Rusty Rustlers [Arrr]! we are a very small guild (7 members atm) enjoying every aspect of the game. We all play rather casually and mostly don’t have a lot of experience with the game. the core of our guild is Dutch but we play on the NA server Jade Quarry, mostly during the EU time zone. we welcome everyone into our guild who is nice and friendly and enjoys hanging out, doing some PvE, PvP or whatever else we feel like doing. also we only let nice people into the guild so plz be nice.

if you want to join you can whisper me, priest tully.3798, in the game and every new member does get a free chocolate chip cookie so if that is your thing join us now.

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Posted by: Tsath.4527


Hey guys,

We are [FREE] – Freedom or Death on Gandara!

Please, go see our introduction video at – scroll to the bottom after any news posts that may be at the top. It’s 2 minutes and available on YouTube.

We’re an international English-speaking guild with friendly, active and social guild members. Our main goal in the guild is to have FUN together! We have members with very different skill levels; ranging from almost completely inexperienced in the game to really experienced players- everyone is welcome.


We have planned guild events every day, usually in the evenings, as well as many other spontaneous guild activities. We are active in all parts of the game, with our main focus being PvE. Some of our guild events and activities are for example:

• Dungeons (very popular in FREE!)
• Raids! Lots!
• We have lots of members with Beta access, and our guild hall will grow rapidly
• We normally lead and command world events if possible
• Fractals
• WvW
• Forum on GuildLaunch (bought and paid for, no commercials)
• Own Teamspeak server with 100+ slots
• Jumping Puzzles
• Guild missions – everything is unlocked of course.
• Meta events
• sPvP – we have own PvP server
• Killing Tequatl and other world boss events
• Living Story
• Beta events and new things added to the game.

We also try to keep guild chat clean, and to maintain a friendly atmosphere. We have stable guild management who have been around since GW2 beta, and lots of old GW1 players.

Contact us in-game for more info or for joining the guild.



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Posted by: Luhlanya Ingelosi.1538

Luhlanya Ingelosi.1538

Hey guys!

Keepers Of The Forgotten Wisdom [WISE] is a PvX Guild that was created in October 2006 for the original Guild Wars.

We are based on Seafarer’s Rest (EU) and are always happy to have new recruits join our ranks!
Our main language is English, but we have players from various languages, timezones and servers.

While mostly PvE, we also offer occasional activities in PvP (the guild has a private arena), WvW and other aspects of the game. Help is always available, whether it be for build advice, problematic achievements or anything you need help with.

We organize Guild Missions with a guild-spawned Karka queen every Friday. The guild has a TS3 server that is in active use.

Everyone is welcome, from the most experienced Guild Wars veteran to the innocent MMO new comer – we will corrupt you in no time

For more information you can check out our website : Keepers of the Forgotten Wisdom

Or contact us in game :
Luhlanya Ingelosi.1538


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Posted by: Julenal.3907


Name: Frozen Dawn
Gameplay: Daily WvW and PvE
Server: Seafarer’s Rest for WvW
Region: EU
Size: 200+ Members (“active”)
Active: Evenings
Contact: Julenal.3907

Frozen Dawn is a Finnish mature gaming community and our Guild Wars 2 guild is recruiting Finnish players at Seafarer’s Rest for PvX! (Finnish text in the end)

Frozen Dawn was founded in 2006 and we have been active in nearly all modern, atleast somewhat popular, MMO’s. This includes DDO, WoW, EVE, WAR, Aion, Rift, WoT, SWTOR, GW2 and numerous smaller games. As a big gaming community (over thousand logged in our forums within 3 months) we normally offer both hardcore and casual gameplay options and naturally forums and TS to support this. Because we are Finnish gaming community we naturally require our players to understand finnish and atleast listen in community TS during guild activites.

Our main activities are weekly WvW-raids with guild or alliance guilds, Guild Missions two or three times/week and weekly SPvP night. Of course we have active dungeon and fractal runners, like any active guild, but the guild itself doesn’t organice these activities. You can read about our activities from our Twitter or from our guilds forum mainpage. For example, we will unlock Guild Challenge this week and we are running it for the first time.

We didn’t play GW1 with Frozen Dawn, but many from our GW2 guild has played the original game. GW2 was still logic choice for us and we started to prepare for it in 2010. We got ~250 players from internal recruit and 100 more from friends and family of our older members. We didn’t open the external recruit until at the end of last year to prevent guild filling up too quickly. Now our roster is full, but because of so called MMO-effect most of them are inactive. These days our weekly activity is bit under 100 players/week and ~50 online for Guild Missions.

This is end of the english information about our guild. Following text is in finnish.

Kuten yllä mainittu, Frozen Dawn ei ole vain GW2-kilta vaan pelaajayhteisö, joka toimii aktiivisena useassa pelissä. Hakiessasi Frozen Dawniin liityt siis yhteisöön ja olet lähtökohtaisesti oikeutettu pelaamaan muitakin Frozen Dawnin pelejä nyt ja tulevaisuudessa, mikäli kirjaudut foorumeillemme vähintään kolmen kuukauden välein säilyttääksesi foorumitunnuksesi. Paljoa lisättävää aikaisempaan tekstiin ei ole, enemmän tietoa löydät halutessasi yhteisön etusivulta, killan etusivulta ja rekryalueeltamme. Twitter-tilillämme infoamme toiminnastamme ja meihin voi tietysti törmätä pelissäkin.


GM of Finnish gaming community guild “Frozen Dawn” [FD] since GW2 announce
GW player of 14+kh and Passionate Mind Wracker since 2005

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Posted by: Dorkopotamis.1497


Eurozone Danse Party [UNTZ]

Our guild deals primarily in riffing in mapchat, being chill and talking about ways to spend a little bit of money to save a lot of money down the road. When we’re not doing that we PvP and WvW. More than one of our members have been rated in the top 10 PvPers in terms of winrate! We’re based in Maguuma and our hours are sporadic.

At Eurozone Danse Party every Sunday is Frat House roleplay day! Join Lance, Chad and the other brothers at Delta Fi house for their weekly adventures through Tyria!

If you join today, a member of the guild will find your place of domicile and take pictures of you as you sleep. Pictures will be developed and left for you at your bedside!

Contact: Dorkopotamis.1497 to join.

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Posted by: LanfearShadowflame.3189


  • Guild Name: Shadow Sworn Warriors
  • Guild Tag: SSW
  • Preferred Mode: Primarily PvE, but players of all modes are welcome. People are more willing to cross-mode dabble when they have people to do it with.
  • Home World: Devona’s Rest, NA
  • Most Active: Evenings/Weekend Eastern Time
  • Leader: Lanfear Shadowflame
  • Additional Info: Below -

Shadow Sworn Warriors [SSW] is a small, old GW1 guild that migrated over at beta. Sadly, most of our members have wandered off to live that thing called life, but a couple of us still play (mainly me) and would like to rebuild what we had in GW1 – a close knit, fun group of people to hang out with.

We prefer being small. We don’t have any plans on becoming one of the huge 500 people guilds, because we feel that you lose that special “something” when you get that many people. As leader, I like to know my members, and I like my members to know me.

We’re very casual. GW2 is a game, not a job. We don’t have any type of requirement for specific times to be on, for example. Most of us have jobs and families, and or school. So we’re mostly on evenings and weekends. When we’re on, we’re generally pretty chatty, and like to just hang out and goof off.

We’re mainly PvE oriented. Lots of random map completing. Lots of alt leveling. Just getting lost and having a laugh at doing stupid stuff. Some of us do a little bit of dungeoning, although we aren’t “hard core” about it. Just something fun to do and enjoy. Speed clearing isn’t really our thing.

sPvP and WvW (with the exception of EotM) aren’t something we indulge in often, although I know that I and a couple other will occasionally jump in and play some of it. These types of players are still welcome, I have no issue having variety in my guild. Don’t feel alienated because we don’t necessarily do it as our mainstream. Having more people that do it might encourage some of us to partake more often. After all, variety is the spice of life.

Our motto is ‘Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional.’ The guys in the guild have good naturedly added ‘Perverts R Us’ as an extension of our motto. We are very playful in nature. We harass each other constantly (in good fun) and conversations do not always stay child appropriate. As such, if you are easily offended, we are definitely not the guild for you. We are definitely an ‘acquired’ taste
We do not have a website (I would have no idea what to even put on one). We do have a teamspeak, thanks to one of our wayward members, if we desire voip, although it’s not generally necessary. I am also in the process of setting up a Discord server as well for communication purposes – persistent out of game chat (mobile capable) as well as decent voip capability.

We are looking for people that simply want to play to have fun. That like leveling alts, and exploring. That may play with goals in mind, but aren’t necessarily in a mad rush to achieve them. Someone relatively laid back, that can roll with the punches. If you’re interested, feel free to track me down: either PM me on here, or you can wsper me in game.

Good luck and remember to have fun out there,


Don’t look at me like that. Whatever you’ve heard, it’s probably not true.

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Posted by: Nabrok.9023


Name: Dissentient
Tag: DIS
Game Mode: Predominantly WvW; Some PvP; A little PvE (most likely we will be doing more PvE after HoT release)
Home World: Tarnished Coast (NA)
Times: WvW events Monday 8:00 PM EST, Wednesday 8:00 PM EST, Friday 9:00 PM EST (reset), Saturday 11:00 PM EST. PvP Tuesday and Thursday from around 7-8 PM EST. Guild Missions Sundays 8:00 PM EST.
Contact Info: Nabrok.9023

We are a part of the “Cross Guild Initiative”, a collaborative effort between multiple small to mid sized guilds on Tarnished Coast to work together and improve in the WvW game mode.

“I’m not a PvE, WvW, or PvP player – I am a Guild Wars 2 player”
Tarnished Coast – Dissentient [DIS]
All classes

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Posted by: Pazu.8320


Name: Spectral Legion [SL]
Game Modes: PvE (especially Fractals and soon Raids), PvP, and some WvW
Server: Sanctum of Rall [NA]
Active Times: We have active membership in both NA and EU.
Leaders: Pazu Shivers and Wosie
Other Info:

  • 10-year old gaming community active in several games
  • Active TeamSpeak server
  • Twice weekly guild missions: Sunday at 3pm EST and Wednesday at 9pm EST
  • We rotate through content each night of the week to keep things fresh!
  • Several annual guild events, weekly fun events
  • As an attribute to our dedication, we were world firsts to complete both Guild Challenge and Guild Puzzle.


Paul Lukische (ele), Pazu Plus One (ranger), Oh The Pazubilities (mes) et al – Sanctum of Rall
Champion Titles: Legionnaire, Genius, Magus, Paragon, Illusionist, Phantom, Shadow, Ritualist
Spectral Legion [SL] is recruiting!

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Posted by: TPMN.1483


[MYTH] The Mythical Dragons
A Guild for Co-operation – For learning and growth. For the spoils of battle.
Adapt and Conquer !

We are a friendly international guild on Jade Quarry NA Server (PvE – All NA servers) with active players on a daily basis across all time zones.
We accept applicants from all NA servers and are a 99% representation guild.

As a member of [MYTH] join us and take part in:

  • PvE Buffs (MegaServer) – Daily (10% Magic Find, 15% Karma)
  • Guild Missions to earn your commendations (Sunday: 1.30pm UTC/Server Time)
  • Dungeons (Including Speedruns using the META on Teamspeak !) [EU Server Time: 8pm – 11pm]
  • Temple Runs
  • FoTM Runs [30-50, Including Training Sessions for newer players]
  • Map Completion
  • Organized Boss Events
  • Teamspeak 3 [MYTH] Channel
  • Guild website with lots of helpful / useful information
  • Active officers who enforce guild rules and organize (fun) events for the guild.

You can check out some of our videos on the MYTH Youtube channel:

Join [MYTH] today. (JQ, TS, GMs, PvX, 99% rep) sign-up @

[MYTH] The Mythical Dragons -PvX

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Posted by: Derish of Darkness.4028

Derish of Darkness.4028

Knights Of Nefarious Greatness [KONG] is a coordinated World Vs World guild on the Northern Shiverpeaks server, with focus on teamwork and overall composition. We are currently seeking both new and experienced players that have a passion for World vs World and aspire to accomplish great things as a group. We run as a guild utilizing a composition with specific builds and parties.

Server: Northern Shiverpeaks
Prime Time: 9PM (EST) – 12AM (EST)
Composition Days: Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday (although we run as a group most days)
VoIP: TeamSpeak 3 (Community NSP Server)
Age: 18+, average is 30+
Other Requirements: Must provide an API key (to pull character names) and be willing to run specific builds and gear.
Contact: Derish of Darkness.4028

Representation Policy:
We do not require 100% representation and understand that most members will be in multiple guilds. The only time we ask that members actively represent during events and when running with other KONG members. We also try to keep WvW buffs like +5, running constantly.

Join KONG Today:
We require all members to be over 18, have a good working microphone, be willing to run specific builds and gear, participate in prime time events, and have a healthy and positive attitude. What we do NOT expect, 100% rep, people to not be on all the time, show up to every single event, be the best (but you should be willing to get better).


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Posted by: Betonboor.7154


Name: Legacy of the Six [LotS]
Gameplay: Casual-minded PvE, we play to have fun!
Server: Gandara (EU)
Language: English
Active times: Evenings (Central European Timezone)
Members: 100-200
Contact: “Betonboor.7154” or “Milady of Fire.9321”
Additional info:

Legacy of the Six is a European Guild Wars 2 guild that provides an active and fun community for its members. We originated from Guild Wars 1 but have switched over to Guild Wars 2 since its release.

We frequently do fun activities with all guild members. Every week on Friday we do guild missions. Additionally, we organize chaos runs every month. These are challenging activities that the entire guild can take part in. They will often offer rewards from the guild bank! Examples of previous chaos runs can be found on the event page of the website:


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Posted by: lordkrall.7241


Name: Nil Admirari
Game Mode: World vs World. Three organized raids every week.
Home world: Piken Square
Times: Raids weekly on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 18:00 GMT. Guild Meeting + Missions Sunday 18:00 GMT.
Contact info: welltall.6041 or arthedain.5928

Krall Bloodsword – Mesmer
Krall Peterson – Warrior
Piken Square

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Posted by: GEORGERAVEN.8569



Recursion Ad Infinitum [etc]
Yaks Bend US

Daily fractal runs before and through reset especially fractal 50.

We are preparing for the new fractal changes and fractal 100!
We are not a large guild, but we have some great people in our guild.
I know that we are all excited for the changes and we cannot wait to create,
our guild hall together!

Contact us through GeorgeRaven.8569 .

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Posted by: Solaxo.7409


- Name: Malum Factum [MF]

- Gameplay Choice: We like all aspects of the game!

Several Members are rank 60+ in Spvp / Level 50 Fractals / Dungeon Masters / Rank 200+ WvW etc. We have plenty on willing to help out newer players learn the game!

- Server: Yak’s Bend (Only required for WvW)

- Active Time: 7pm – 12am CST

- Contact info: Solaxo.7409 |

- Other Info:

- Our guild is fully unlocked in-game.

- We are an established community guild that has chapters in other games.

- Adult Oriented Guild – Accepting new members age 20+

- We had a guild meetup in CO last year! Whitewater rafting was great!

- We have a sponsored Mumble Server.

- We are always looking for Quality MFers!


Solaxo | [MF] Malum Factum – Officer
Yak’s Bend

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Posted by: Accio.7561


We are the Misfits of Anvil Rock! [MoAR]

All of us pride ourselves on helping each other through whatever is needing and sharing/teaching any tips/tricks/fun things to do in the game! Fairly heavily PvE focused guild that will do more PvP upon the arrival of HoT as guild wars are something we all look forward to! As of today however our focus is mostly on dungeons/fractals/silverwastes as we are trying to hoard what we can for the upcoming expansion (like everyone else =D ) Since we already have full guild upgrades and stacks on stacks of influence we are really looking forward to all the new and fun guild challenges that await us!

We are a primarily english speaking guild with many people from several countries, but mostly American EST with a few PST mixed in.

We are active weekends and weeknights mostly, with guild missions every Thursday/Sunday followed by a guild raffle for all participants that rewards gold and exotics!

We also do achievement runs for living story season 2, and dungeons/fractals daily, especially when it is the daily quest!

Oh yeah we also have several people doing world boss train during the day, and usually 15-20 at tequatl at server reset!

All events are usually hosted on teamspeak (not required but very helpful!)

Our heroic leader is Grayfist Draugrbane, but if you are interested in joining feel free to contact me (Maximo The Ultimate) or Amalyra, Chris the Charr, Mrs. Wantcuddles.

Remember to have fun, be helpful to those around you, and get that loot!!

(edited by Accio.7561)

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Posted by: Avster.1935


Hello friends & curious on-lookers,

Shadows of Ravenloft [SOR] is recruiting! So grab a drink, relax and spare us 5 minute of your time.

I’m going start off with the kicker here, then go down into more of the F.A.Q.

The big question, why should I join SOR?

In SOR, you are not another number. In my personal humble opinion, I do not believe in massive guilds. Find a large guild (400~ members) and ask them if they know EVERY member in their guild. Chances are, they don’t…and that’s fine! They have other objectives as a guild and likewise, SOR has their own agenda.

We want you to feel like you are at home. You are not another number, you are a friend. You matter. There is always a helping hand available in SOR to guide you through the game if you are new / returning or old! Know that your questions are not a hassle! We are here to help you. Most veteran members and officers have been playing since BETA Weekend, so we have 3+ years of experience and knowledge in the know-hows of Tyria and who knows maybe you have something that we can learn from as well!

Now that we have that out of the way,

Who are we?

SOR is a guild founded in Guild Wars (EST. 2005) and like many others has transitioned into GW2! We are primarily a PvE guild, but have a few sPvP enthusiasts amongst ourselves.

Where do we reside?

SOR was established in Jade Quarry (server), but has members across servers as well. As we are not heavily WvW focused, your server does not matter!

What time do you usually play?
- Weekdays: Mostly evening & night CST/EST after-work (we do have some people randomly logging in early morning or in the afternoon though)
- Weekends: Anytime!

How many active players do you have? What is your total number of members?

As we speak, we are currently sitting on 120 members, but truthfully, I can say that we have around 20-30 members login during week nights.

What kind of activities do you do?

Everything a guild does for fun! We chat, we provide help with whatever content you are stuck on, and in general we just try to have a good time. Basically we do,
• Open World PvE Events (Silverwastes, World Bosses)
• Organized Guild Missions (Every Friday at 10PM EST)
• Organized Dungeon Runs (Every Saturday at 10PM EST)
• Guild Lucky Raffle Draws (happens during guild missions)
• Impromptu & sometimes daily, dungeon & fractal runs (we have quite a lot of people with 70+ AR), and organized guild sPvP.

What is your rep requirement?

We don’t have a 100% rep requirement in SOR. However, if you could at least drop by and get to know us, that would be lovely. Why else would you want to join a guild if you won’t interact with its members? :p If you do want to be a full-fledged member going forward though, we’d like at least 60% rep time

So you said you don’t want a large guild! How many are you recruiting?

Like I said before, I want SOR to be a group of friends that we know and care for. The ideal number of new recruits would be around 15-20 active members. So that we can actually get to know you, spend time with you and not just group you in the “New Recruits” category.

Do you have mandatory…anything?

Nope. At the end of the day, this a game, and we are all here to have a good time.

A good sense of humour is also bonus.

If you are interested, you can send an in-game email, or whisper any one of us for an invite!

Guild Website:
RaidCall Server ID: 10494778
Recruiting Contact:

Argos The Conquerer / Evelyn Whitehawk (Avster.1935)
Thor Skullcrusher (Thor Skullcrusher.5930)
P J Fluffy Love (Captain H J Fluffington Jr.9738)
Myst Chievous (FieryChaos.1293)

Try us out! If this is not your cup of tea, that’s quite alright, thank you anyways.

Cheers and see you in game!


Evelyn Whitehawk | Exalted Legend | Demons’s Demise | I Transmuted My Legendary Medium Coat

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Posted by: Falkor.7932


Critical Glitch Inc [CGI] Welcomes you to Guild Wars 2!

We are a Player vs. X guild, with primary presence in Gate of Madness (NA), as well as other servers. We run dungeons, and are happy to teach anyone willing to learn! We also have frequent casual and more competitive PvP groups. WvW is probably our blind spot, but we also run Guild Missions every Saturday, a Guild Lotto, host our own custom guild events such as Secret Santa Exchanges, Photo-Scavenger Hunts, and even Roleplaying Murder-Mystery Nights! We have our own dedicated TeamSpeak 3 server, where we encourage everyone to come together and bond over this great game. We are an uncensored guild, and we respect that not everyone curses, but we do (We do try to keep it respectful though). We do prefer it if you mainly represent our guild, though feel free to discuss your situation with us. If a relaxed, casual environment where you can be yourself, learn from players who have been around since the beginning, and laugh (a lot!), then CGI might just be the right guild for you!

We are mostly North American players, ranging from California to Virginia. We do also have members from New Zealand, and from England as well! We are most active during (NA) afternoons/evenings every day.



Guild Leader – Celestialis.2598

Vice-Leader – Darklord Acidburn.4781 (with space)
Vice-Leader – Yasahiro.1549

Officer – Falkor.7932 (Me)
Officer – Rainmagik.6702
Officer – healerarina.8201

Hope to see you in game!


“One time! I slightly blew some of us up one time, and you won’t let it go.”
- Explorer Bekk

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Posted by: Storm Sunstarr.8470

Storm Sunstarr.8470

[SUNS] Sunstarr Clan is a WvW centric guild of about 100 members that is based on Sorrows Furnace. We have been on SF since the start of GW2, and will always remain here through good and bad times (no server hopping). The majority of our members are in the 30-60 year old range and we field anywhere from 20-30 people every night during North America prime time 5pm to midnight on average.

Our guild offers:
-Fully upgraded guild hall
-Private channel on SF teampeak server with our own back-up teamspeak server
-Guild website at
-Active members always willing to assist new players
-No drama. Our TS channel is loaded with laughter and fun!
-Guild missions on Sundays at 5pm pacific/8pm eastern time.

Our guild asks for:
-75% representation, mainly for WvW
-That you have a love for bad puns and a good sense of humor.
-Jackalopes. We love jackalopes! Jackalope tonics are the main weapon of fuzzy destruction that we employ to strike fear into the heart of the enemy!

-Guild Leader: Storm Sunstarr.8470
-Guild Officers: Octavius.1670 or Acne.9286


Aurora Sunstarr, leader of Sunstarr Clan [Suns]
Sorrows Furnace
“Youth and strength can always be overcome by old age and treachery!”

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Posted by: Undoer.6381


Name: Imperial Collective, [CLTV]
Preferred Gamemode: We’re PvX, with a leaning towards PvE and PvP. We’re currently very excited about Heart of Thorns’ PvP Leagues and Raids!
Server/Region: We’re based on Seafarer’s Rest, EU. We welcome members from all over the EU megaserver, but for WvW purposes we’re based on Seafarer’s Rest. We are an English Speaking International Guild!
Active Times: We’re typically active from noon till midnight. We run our Guild Missions on Saturdays, at 8pm CEST. Most other events are impromptu.
Contact: You can contact us through me, Undoer.6381, or Osserc.6530, Gugly.4208, or Londi.3281

We’re a guild focused on a strong social backbone, and enjoying content together. We don’t have arduous playtime requirements, or a 100% Representation policy, or demands of experience or tests of skill, we’re focused on enjoying the game together, not setting records, claiming world 1sts, or dominating the competition. Our priority is finding great people to enjoy the game we all love with. Our only requirements involve participation with the guild, and using TeamSpeak for Guild Missions.

If you’d like to know more about us, check out our thread here, or our forums, or contact one of us ingame.

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Posted by: Mireles Lore.5942

Mireles Lore.5942

Name: Xunlai Heroic Service Agents [XHSA]

Gameplay: Very strong Dungeon, Fractal, and sPvP presence. Moderate in WvW

Home World: Yak’s Bend (but we accept anyone from any NA server)

Time: We are most active between the hours of 6pm and 12am Central Daylight time. Guild Missions are every Friday 8pm.

Leader: Mireles Lore.5942 please mail in game or post on our reddit recruitment page with questions or invite requests.

Clan Page: Our clan page is on our sponsor’s, Pandorum Gaming, Website. You can find information here such as our roster size, policies, ranks, and philosophy.

Most Recent Recruitment Listing: Here you can find information on our current goals, recruitment initiatives, and members testimonials. This is also the best alternative way for contact with the guild.

I just want to say XHSA was very excited to hear about the core game going free to play. We look at this as a excellent opportunity to make some new friends and grow our community. If you are looking for a group of motivated players ready to teach you, help you reach your goals, and overall just be your friend this is the guild for you.


Director – Xunlai Heroic Service Agents [XHSA] | Yak’s Bend

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Posted by: katubug.6378


Starbuck [STAR] is a fully-upgraded, HoT-ready guild (of basic kittens who literally can’t even). We’re a big guild with a small-guild mentality, which is to say, active members are friends and family to us. We accept members of all skill levels, from the noobliest noob to the most seasoned veteran.

We are primarily a PvE guild. We do daily fractals (intermediate and level 50), dungeons, and weekly training runs for both. Every week we run Guild Missions, and a number of other events including key farming and “silly” events such as quaggan walks and naked map runs. We also have a guild PvP arena for duels, practice, and dailies, and some of our members compete in ranked/unranked PvP also. In addition, we have constant guild buffs such as magic find, karma gain, gathering boost etc. We also have a private Teamspeak server, which we require for certain events (such as aetherpath parties) and highly suggest the rest of the time, as it helps bonds form more quickly.

We’re located on Sanctum of Rall (NA), but we accept members of all servers, as we rarely run WvW together. We are overwhelmingly an English-speaking guild, but a number of us have English as a second language, so if you are conversational in it, you’re probably fine.

We are primarily active in the afternoon-evening for North America. In CST, 4pm-12am is our most active time, but we do have members on at all hours, and we are interested in recruiting more guildies for the Oceanic/Australian time zones.

I am the guild leader, so you can message me ingame. Other players you can message for an invite are Lahrun, Shanna Kinomoto, Synthia Arson, and Geneva Longbow.

We do have a website,, containing guides, links, and our forums. We run weekly forum lotteries (entries are earned by participation), monthly screenshot contests, and more!

Finally, our guild puts an emphasis on being kind and friendly. We have a strict no-jackwagon policy, although friendly razzing is always fine. We are a very diverse guild, both in gender, in race, and in skill level, and as such discourage any comments that would alienate any members of the guild or make them feel unsafe or uncomfortable.

If any of this sounds good to you, please get in contact with us! We have no represent requirements at this time, so feel free to give us a shot on your alt characters or when your primary guild is being boring.


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Posted by: Xarlan.9421


Hi everyone!

Discount Smurfs [DcS] is a small community that has been around since launch. Having recently fallen inactive during the slow period of content after the expansion announcement, we have woken from our slumber to rebuild and grow for Heart of Thorns.

We pride ourselves on being welcoming for new players and veterans alike, and partake in most content, from Fractals to farming to PvP.

Moving forwards into Heart of Thorns, we have set up a dedicated raid team, but will also be doing runs for those who don’t make the cut, and potentially will be creating a second team if interest is high enough. DcS’s founding principle is “No Smurf Left Behind” and we aim to carry that forward into raids, allowing everyone to get their legendary armour eventually, should they want it.

The Details:

Name: Discount Smurfs [DcS]
Gameplay Choice: A bit of everything
Server: Ruins of Surmia is our home, but we accept players from all European servers.
Active Time: Peak activity is in the evenings, European time
Contact info: Xarlan.9421

Dreknar Scarshield – Leader of Discount Smurfs
Ruins of Surmia

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Posted by: Aeromu.9134


Guild Name and Tag – Synergy[LOL]
What we do – We participate both in PvE(Fractals, Dungeons and more) and organized PvP in both WvWvW and structured PvP
Server – Jade Quarry
Active Times We have players across all time zones. Our guild missions are usually ran on Wednesdays and plan on having two raid teams for Heart of Thorns.
Contact info – Our website is located at and you can contact any of the below to join


Synergy is a guild started by some friends with a goal to create a small community of friendly players. We aren’t interested in having 500 members where no one knows anyone else. We are currently playing Guild Wars 2 primarily on the Jade Quarry server.

For Guild Wars 2, we participate both PvE and organized PvP in both WvWvW and structured PvP. Most of us have been gaming together since the days before Guild Wars 1 and continue to do so. Because of our long standing community, you will find that it is an atmosphere where everyone knows each other and learns to play well as a well oiled machine, hence the name Synergy.

•Focus on Living Story achievements
•Two dedicated teams for Raiding
•Chance to play with friendly players
•Structured PvP teams
•Active TeamSpeak
•Strong leadership with two PvE officers and two PvP officers to back up our leader.
•Scheduled events including Dungeons such as high end fractals and the like.
•Assistance with farming legendary items.
•LGBT friendly
•NA server

•Officer positions available for:

PvE – with a focus on dungeons/raids
WvW – need experienced commanders

What we expect
•18 and up preferably
•Have a working Mic and TeamSpeak preferred
•Have a sense of humor but realize things may not always be PG13
•Attributes of a team player with a good attitude.

Feel free to check out our website :

We have an application for our raid teams however to join you don’t have to fill this out. See below.

To join or if you have any questions feel free to PM myself or one of our officers listed below.

Guild Leader and Officers :

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Posted by: Nabbis.8095


Guild Name and Tag – Iron Hall [IRON]

Iron Hall Is a PvX guild of Veteran guildwars players looking to fill their roster with new members.
Most of the Guild is based on Desolation but we take members from all the eu servers.

What we can offer you is a active and knowledgeable group of people who love the game and do stuff on their own way.
We have all the Guild Missions unlocked and do those on every sunday, most of the pve buffs running during the week and a very weird topics in the guild chat.

What we want from you?
To participate in the guild activities like Dungeons runs, Fractals, Guild missions.
To be nice to the other guild members, be respectful and in general have good behaviour.
Above 16 years old is recommended.

We have a open recruitment program whisper ingame or mail one of the following:

Guild Leader: Nabbis
Guild officers: Auron Cathal, Vrag, Kerith Steelfang or Kerith Bloodfang

WvW Blobs aren’t Blobs they are just large group of oozes blobbing along each other.
Leader of the Iron Hall [Iron]
Server: Desolation now and forever.

(edited by Nabbis.8095)

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Posted by: Balsco.3682


Name: Crusaders of a New Era [ERA]
ERA is mostly located in the Ruins of Surmia EU server, we are a PvE guild focused on fractals and in the future, raiding, we also play PvP somewhat often but rarely WvW. On sundays at 18:00 GMT +1 we do Guild Missions and on most days we become active after that time until midnight. We have a guild website and use teamspeak actively, note however that we are weird in teamspeak, one might say joining us is not for the faint of heart even.

If you’re interested contact me, Athano.4761, Katsu.7569 or Omg I Killed Kenney.8971


(edited by Balsco.3682)

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Posted by: Nerfman.2419


Hello everyone!

Guild Name: The Sapphire Order [TSO]
Gameplay Preference: We focus mainly on PvE content (world bosses, dungeons, fractals), although we have a handful of people who will do PvP and WvW
Home World: Originating on Whiteside Ridge, but due to the PvE focus we have members from all over the place
Activities: Guild missions every Sunday, custom events being planned in for Fridays and world boss runs on Saturdays so far, and having discussions about what more we can do for the future
Contact Details: Nerfman / Lunithi are the 2 guild leaders, so you can mail either of us in game and we will respond as soon as we see it. You can also visit The Sapphire Order website and apply that way, and any officer can then contact you asap!
Other Details: We are a casual guild that just likes to have fun and play through the game together, and we are looking to add more members to our family, whether they are new or old / returning people! We will help out anyone in whatever way we can to make their time in the game an easier and more enjoyable experience.

Hope to see some new faces soon! And I hope you new players are enjoying the game so far