Looking for an English speaking active guild.

Looking for an English speaking active guild.

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Posted by: Katharine.4053


Hey there Kath here.

I’m new to gw2 and I’m looking for an active guild that speaks English and does pvp/pve etc and that is willing to guild me around and give advice as I know nothing about gw2 and when I say that I mean just advice – Don’t worry I’m not a begger for items.

I’m a loyal guild member who loves to anticipate on guild events etc I’m also very active as well (daily) I’ll be playing a few hours a day.

I’m from Australia so If there are any Australian guilds out there that are active I’ll love to join if there active and do pvp/pve however I’ll join any english speaking guild I’m not just looking to join an Australian guild – I’m very active at US time zones as well <3


As for server – I haven’t decided which server yet will decide when I find a guild I’ll most likely be joining a populated pvp/pve server.

The class I’ll be choosing is Necromancer/Elementalist I’m a mage player!

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Looking for an English speaking active guild.

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Posted by: Nero.8047


Hey Katharine, I’d like to introduce you to our guild:

As said, we’re stationed on the desolation server (it might be full, so I’m not sure if you’d be able to join, that is if you’re interested in joining our guild of course)

We’re more of a casual group of friends growing on both [EU] and [US] servers.
Our focus is on making the game as entertaining and enjoyable for everyone.
Please for any questions send me a mail on these forums or a pm/mail in-game. I’m not sure if the latter is possible for you since you mention you have yet to choose a server, I’d in return like to tell you that switching servers is free if all of your characters have been deleted. this isn’t a suggestion, moreso a utility and to quote: ‘’The transfer fee is only charged if you have characters on your account; in other words, if your account has no characters or you delete all existing characters first, you will be prompted to select a new home world after creating a new character, free of charge.’’ hopefully this’ll enable you to find the right guild for you on any of the possible servers, I hope you’ll enjoy the game, I’d love to hear more of you and the best of luck with everything!

kind regards,
Nero Angelo.

Paragon of the Seraphim Order [Ankh]
a small, casual Guild with a play as you want style.

Looking for an English speaking active guild.

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Posted by: Hawkeye.4698


Hey Katharine!

[HOT] TooHotForYou would love to have you with us we are an international guild, mix of US/EU/Asia I myself live in Australia! and one of the leaders of the guild ^^ we are located on Jade Quarry (NA)

We do some WvW/mostly PvE but I like to have some WvW in there!
Guild missions/full upgrades – we are also laidback and use Raidcall for VOIP!

Let me know if you are interested;

Also this is what we do when we are gathering and bored! XD

Jade Quarry WvW Commander

Looking for an English speaking active guild.

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Posted by: garull.8956


Check your PMs

Decisive Gg [NS]

Looking for an English speaking active guild.

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Posted by: takkattak.1974


Hey there, i think we have pretty much everything you are after.

Jaded [Jade] is a fairly well established casual PvX guild that has been on Darkhaven since launch.

Our leaders have a lot of experience with mmos and have been together for years. We are a family-style guild looking to form long-term friendships through PvE and PvP. We have a forum a Facebook and a vent (however we use the server teamspeak for wvw).

We are looking for people who want to have fun and hang out together. We like to have an active chat and a community of helpful members that are willing to go out of their way for each other.

Even if you aren’t on Darkhaven you can still hang out in guild chat with us, guest with us now and then or run some dungeons cross server until you feel we are worth the transfer :p

Things you can expect from joining Jaded:
-friendly guildies
-scheduled events every night to give you something to do
-dungeon parties
-PvP, both WvW and Structured
-guild trek, bounty and rush every week
-new friends
-an abnormal love for Quaggans

Some of our Guild Boosts include:
-10% Magic Find boost at all times
-15% Karma Boost on Mondays
-+5 supply on WvW night

Jaded has around 150 members, around 50 members logging in a day, mostly comprised of people between the ages of 18 and 81. We are most active during North American evenings. check out our calender to see our schedule of weekly events.

If we sound like the right home for you, fill out the application on our forums or get a hold of us in game we’ll get back to you asap to answer any questions you may have.

Takiya Delyll
Arentide Delyll
Luto Locke

Senior Officers:
Kaira Riversong
Duh General
Lucien Blackmoon

Yusah Stabmuffin
Insanity Splice

Hope to see you in game

Takiya Delyll — Mesmer
Jaded [JADE] co-leader

Looking for an English speaking active guild.

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Posted by: xinglam.1857


Hi Katharine, welcome to Guild Wars 2!

I help run a small PvX guild on the Sea of Sorrows server. Our guild is based in North America, though we have some oceanic players too. The server itself is well known to have a very strong oceanic population if you also happen to be looking for a server that is active in WvW during your evenings!

Here’s our website if you’d like to check us out!


-Xing (Kun Ji / Curious Quaggan)

Looking for an English speaking active guild.

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Posted by: Aeromu.9134


Welcome to Guild Wars 2 Katharine!

Synergy is an online community started by some friends with a goal to be the best. We have played multiple games throughout the past few years and the founders all have experience in high end World of Warcraft raiding and are active gamers in various genres. We are currently playing Guild Wars 2 primarily on the Jade Quarry server.

For Guild Wars 2, we participate both PvE and organized PvP in both WvWvW and structured PvP. Most of us have been gaming together since the days before Guild Wars 1 and continue to do so. Because of our long standing community, you will find that it is an atmosphere where everyone knows each other and learns to play well as a well oiled machine, hence the name Synergy.

Synergy – our website

•Chance to play with friendly players
•Structured PvP teams
•Active RaidCall and forums
•Strong leadership with two PvE officers and two PvP officers to back up our leader.
•Scheduled events including Dungeons such as high end fractals and the like.
•Assistance with farming legendary items.

•Officer positions available for WvW – we prefer to run smaller organized teams.

What we expect
•18 and up preferably but we accept applications from younger
•Have a working Mic and RaidCall installed
•Have a sense of humor but realize things may not always be PG13
•Attributes of a team player with a good attitude.

To join please visit our application form or if you have any questions feel free to PM myself or one of our officers listed below.


Looking for an English speaking active guild.

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Posted by: SkyShroud.2865


Equinox Solstice [TIME] is an semi-hardcore PvX guild formed on 18-February-2013, based in Crystal Desert that aims to foster interest in all aspect of the game (sPvP, WvWvW and PvE), seeking for players that are fun-loving, outgoing and self-motivated.

We are a international guild with players from all over the world, having significant 24 hours presence.

If you are interested in joining the guild, you can contact SkyShroud.2865 or you can visit our guild site for more info.

Alternatively, Crystal Desert has many guilds, you can join Crystal Desert server and check it out.

Founder & Leader of Equinox Solstice [TIME], a Singapore-Based International Guild
Henge of Denravi Server

Looking for an English speaking active guild.

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Posted by: Tayte.2396


Hello Katharine, and welcome to the community!

I hope that you have found a great place to call home, but if you have not I can tell you about Remnants of Hope on the Tarnished Coast server.

I was looking for a mature guild, that focused on community. There are many guilds that focus solely on the game itself, but Remnants is one that is active in game and outside of it. We have people active at all hours, and we have many scheduled events (our August calendar and see all of the things that we had scheduled! We have a few things scheduled for this month but we are currently changing event times as a lot of people are in school mode.

We do all types of activities from PvE, PvP, WvW, RP, and social activities such as forum contests and games such as pictionary (coming this Monday!)

If you would like to learn more please check out Dahkeus’ recruitment thread or stop by our forums: http://remnantsofhope.com/boards/

Good luck on your search if you haven’t found a home yet!

Looking for an English speaking active guild.

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Posted by: revx.4378


HI Katharine,

We don’t have too many Australians, but we do have a good group playing on the SEA timezone.

I would like to share with you about the PMS Clan (Pandora’s Mighty Soliders)

Our recruitment page is here (https://forum-en.gw2archive.eu/forum/guilds/recruitment/Yak-s-Bend-PMS-is-Recruiting-US-SEA-Players/first#post2785956)

Alternatively, you can check us out at our tumblr

if you have any questions, do hit us up in game, on the forums or just PM me


PMS|H2O Guild Wars 2 Division Co-Leader

Looking for an English speaking active guild.

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Posted by: Shadow Walker.5813

Shadow Walker.5813

Hey Katherine,
look I’m not going to try and compete with those large guilds but I’d like to point out that for a newby a big giant guild isn’t the best to start with. I too am fairly new to the game but have a few hundred hours. I came up with this idea to create a small elite guild of low level players. I’m looking to create a guild with a variety of races and one of each profession and only on of each. I’m not going to lie so far it’s only me (elemere sylvari thief lvl 15)although I have posted a few of these to people looking but with a small group it’s a lot easier to look after eachother and co-operate to pull of a task using tactical manouvers too please repy to me on this thread if your interested im on the world ruins of sumeria and can meet you anywhere

P.S im from Perth and Generally play on the weekends and in the mornings (5am – 7:30am)

Looking for an English speaking active guild.

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Posted by: RainOverPebbles.5276


Hey Katharine! You sound like you’d be an excellent fit for a casual, friendly guild like mine. I run Roses of the Moonlight Sigil (RoMS) on the Sorrow’s Furnace Server.

Here’s some more info:

In short, we are a casual PvE/WvW guild that emphasizes mature and respectful behavior on the part of our members (though a humorous/crazy streak is encouraged). We’re very laid-back about how people play the game; Class, level, and equipment don’t really matter to us so much as finding great people that we can have a laugh with while unleashing random carnage across Tyria.

We generally do weekly Guild Bounties/Rushes/Challenges and WvW, as well as other random (and occaisionally whacky) events thrown in for variety.

For voice, we typically use vent, but mostly only for WvW, Difficult guild missions, or sometimes dungeons. (Speaking is not required) Additionally, the guild is PG/Family-friendly, and no serious swearing or explicit content is allowed in order to maintain a civil atmosphere. Additionally, no offensive character names or account names.

If interested, just contact me in-game (RainOverPebbles.5276) and we’ll go from there!

Have fun adventuring!


Looking for an English speaking active guild.

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Posted by: Gixxerkid.6714


hey i think i might have a guild for you.

im about 3 weeks into the game ans started my own guild and been getting new active members as well so we all just help eachother out however we can. u can add me in game and we can talk more if u want i play on JQ server. extremly friendly and have a raidcall server open for chat. lmk